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16-05-2010, 06:31 AM
Got to be the hardest part of DJing, no doubt about it - I'm allright for an hour or so, but sometimes if its a longer jobby can lose the vibe a bit towards the end - what are your top picks for warmup tunes?

My top 10 warmup tunes right now:

Ramadanman & Midland - Your Words Matter
Omar S - Foe Show
Tensnake Coma Cat
Fatima - Warm Eyes / Soul Glow
Floating Points - People's Potential
Brandy - On and On (Pariah Remix)
Hackman - Blacksnake
Todd Edwards - Look Out (Dubplate Mix)
Kyle Hall - Tomorrow Is The Day
Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane

16-05-2010, 07:47 AM
so important though. nothing worse than a warm up guy go for the jugular, fuck up the energy, and completely ruin the dynamic of the night.

and some acts are harder to open up for than others... usually the better ones who are not just run of the mill "obvious macho energy", as Bukowski would have put it, require extra finesse.

when i played before Rhythm and Sound i tried to follow a curve which went from loud to quiet, from tense to relaxed, dissipating the energy downward -- the inverse of most sets which build up. i felt this was necessary to 1. allow me to play the energetic tunes i wanted to play in the beginning and 2. resolve to a deep and relaxed place (without losing the audience), so that the contemplative R+S dubs could sound as immense as they should.

i think it went pretty well... except at the very very end there was some confusion as to when they would actually come on and i had exhausted all the tunes i planed for the resolution... but it was a small hiccup in the scheme of things.