View Full Version : BSP: new mix, grime/dubstep/broken beat

21-03-2005, 06:52 PM
Here's what I'll be giving out at WMC this week - part 1 is grime, followed by the dubstep/broken beat fusiony stuff a lot of the North American producers are coming up on now. Contains tracks by board members! There's more talk about it on the blog page with the download.


Roll Deep - When I'm 'Ere
SLK f. Wonderkid - Hype Hype
Wonder - Hype Hype rmx.
Lady Sovereign - Random (Jammer rmx.)
Akala - Roll Wid Us (Dexplicit rmx.)
Big ED f. Demon & Bruza - Da Rush
Kano - Typical Me
Mitchelle Brothers f. Kano and The Streets - Routine Check

TS Heritage - Trumpet of The East Wind
Jackie's Army - Murther (Iris Soundsystem rmx.)
Burial - Southern Comfort
Jason Mundo - Shackles
Shackleton - I Am Animal
TS Heritage - Shadybox
Rugged'n'Prez - Lala
DeepSix f. Peppa Crew - Fiyah!
bonus track: Dev79 f. Lix - Since Myself

21-03-2005, 07:26 PM
i had those damn Akala strings in my head all weekend!

the 2nd half of this mix is real tight so far too...cheers for this.