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21-06-2010, 01:33 AM
sorry for the title, dunno how else to put it. and it's not quite fitting within the confines of a few pre-existing threads that are a sniff away...

i've been vibesing to this Francesco de Gregori track all weekend:


trying to figure out how i might go about searching out that kind of sound further. the immediate reference for me would be really wide-eyed synth scores for a lot of video games (almost always japanese scoring it almost goes without saying).

i'm figuring digging around late 70s records from other Italians might be an okay place to look: i do have a bunch of records from a bit earlier (Battisti, Battiato, De Andre, Sorrenti), which are definitely synth enamoured, but they tend to be less gossamer, less sickly poppy, for lack of a better description.

the other place that seemed like an okay place to look would be Japan and the rest of East Asia... although there i really have no reference in that particular musical ballpark...

similar (in its relation to video game vibes) but different but coming up again for me is Mr. Mort Garson... who is obviously bearing a bit closer of a relation the current centre-point of synth-revivalism (Oneohtrix, et cetera).



anyone have any suggestions for me?

Thai? Italian? etc?

better thread title even?

24-07-2010, 11:40 PM
bump. very enticing thread, franz, the de gregori thing is particularly nice. i am by no means an expert, and i have not heard much of the output, but you could explore the grupo de experimentación sonora del icaic (cuban institute of art and film) and offshoots, most notably silvio rodríguez and pablo milanés. these are i suppose troubadours, both very melancholy, part mid seventies fascism-has-won depressive and part human introspection, with subtle use of synth atmospherics in early recordings. i recommend rabo de nube by silvio rodríguez, particularly the title song and con diez años de menos, and the dreamy sueño con serpientes from días y flores. you can find these in a bay of pirates with the search terms silvio and flac. i am not very familiar with milanés but the general atmosphere is along these lines. elsewhere in latin america there is angel rada's upadesa, in parts amusingly like what's new pussycat played by walter carlos (the squeaky cat thing) and in other parts not so convincing. i don't have much to add beyond this, and i'm not sure how relevant any of it is, but hopefully it will bring this thread to attention.



29-08-2011, 02:09 AM
another bump and wish for knowledge of musical things along these lines.