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22-03-2005, 10:16 AM
Hello, hope you dont mind the spam, but just to let you know of the new SonyBotoxRecords 12" that is currently out

there's 3 tracks

1) rework of Big L's flamboyant by Tom Costa & the Lamenters (follow up to the rework of Supercat's Scalp' Dem on 7", which was played by John Peel RIP) - features cello part by Semay Wu (Homelife)

2) Dallas by Kay Stand - which is a latin instrumental hip hop headnodder with lush vocal hook

3) a baile funk bootleg mash up with Ol' Dirty RIP (shimmy shimmy ya). For those that don't know by now baile funk is booty electro from Brasil (mostly Rio) and musics best kept secret, it has rarely been available on vinyl in Europe or US before (although a few of us seem to be getting the same idea ;) ). -

available at Juno and selected stores check: http://www.juno.co.uk/artists/Sony/ (has sound clips as well)

DJ support from Andy Smith [Portishead], Ben Sims, Favela Chic Djs, Cutlass Supreme, and played on Radio 1's Blue Room by Rob Da Bank a couple of weeks ago

if you need anymore info then please give me a PM
many thanks, gaz :)