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26-07-2010, 05:56 PM

as a bit of a luddite i enjoyed reading this. not least cos i still love how tactile tapes are and i still tape from pirate radio (though ive gotten slack in the last few months). the sound quality of a decent chrome tape (used to like maxell XLIIs) is still great - nice and fat and rich. not a fan of sneery attitudes to old tech - just cos somethings old ('oh but its so OLD') doesnt mean its inferior.

the point about cd recorders being needlessly fiddly is otm btw, same with dvd recorders. with vhs you could stop and start as you liked, but with dvd-r machines its so much more complicated (or as with my few years old machine, impossible).

26-07-2010, 09:49 PM
(used to like maxell XLIIs)
me too, almost religiously. used to buy XLIIs by the box*. looked for some recently and was surprised to see them going for a premium on ebay. seems maxell only make type Is now and type IIs of any sort are generally hard to get.

* not the XL IIS ones though (the ones in the mostly black wrapper). they were a bit shit even though they cost more and looked cooler. prone to slurriness, and especially bad in a 4track.