View Full Version : HEAT event at Crash Mansion rescheduled (still has jon e cash, but no dj cameo)

22-03-2005, 07:47 PM
Just thought I'd move this back to the top . . . .

Saturday April 16th

Goldspotmusic presents:

HEAT - 'Grime sessions'

Bringing the biggest playa in the UK grime/sublow scene- for the first time in NYC

featuring: Jon e Cash (Black Ops, UK), DJ Dready (Black Ops, UK)

Plus: DJ Dinesh & Greg Poole and MC Deadly Crisis, UK

HEAT brings you the current godfather of the Grime and UK sublow scene -- Jon E Cash from the legendary London Black Ops crew.

John E Cash is responsible for several underground grime anthems including "War," and is a major producer in the UK scene. His Black Ops crew has been bringin the raw energy, the live MCing and the grimey beats -- creating pure, dancefloor mayhem. This is an event not to be missed. Get there early!!

Location: Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery, corner of Bowery and Spring St

Time: 11:30pm to 4am

Cover: $5 before 12pm, $10 after

15-04-2005, 06:08 AM
btw it was recently explained to me that jon e cash is cockney slang for money used for condom-dispensing machines at tawdry bars

i assume brits know this, but i thought i'd do my part to enlighten america