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13-08-2010, 02:34 PM
For my second year case study I am investigating the use of drone throughout the ages and across the globe with particular focus on the crossover of this aspect of the classical canon (in terms of Western drone) into mainstream pop culture. I am searching for relevant literature on the subject and also examples of scores by the likes of Niblock, Palestine and Radigue (if at all possible) be they graphical or traditional. Please may I ask if you could recommend any resources which will be useful to my study. Any links to information on use of drone and resonant acoustics in ritual and ceremony would be of particular interest.
Also how do you truckers feel EAI (and other musics which retain a high brow aesthetic) have responded to the increased consumer awareness of drone and its use as an ever more common (and poorly executed) sonic gesture in sub-cultural music?

Many thanks for any positive contributions in advance :)

13-08-2010, 05:13 PM
In the late 60ies, Larry Austin edited a magazine called Source, Music Of The Avant Garde. 11 issues (actually partly funded by the local FBI), 3 of those including double 10". All 6 10"s have been reissued last year in a boxset I believe, but the real appeal is the original mags as they mostly included Graphical scores, if not in some case physical score (fur music). I have almost all the issues and it's a fantastic blend of paper, serie graphie, plastic, and other material.

In La Monte Young's 5XLP boxed set The Well Tuned Piano, there's a huge booklet detailing the score.

I also think that Pauline Oliveiros wrote a lot about it and can provide scores of her work. Stuart Dempster would also be a good source.

21-08-2010, 09:01 AM
no tips, but i'd love to read it when youre finished