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14-09-2010, 12:30 PM
first off, it makes absolutely no difference to me if my search results return in .17 seconds instead of .42 seconds, but that just me. i've heard the change is actually advertising driven: businesses are now more likely to buy broader (and thus more expensive) search terms.

my problem with google instant is they've set the default for 10 results showing per page (fewer results per page help manage the faster process.) it's a pain in the ass to get only 10 results per page and have to constantly hit "next", and i am unable to change the setting. when i go into preferences, i select "don't use instant", change the results per page to 100, hit "save preferences", get a pop-up box that says my new preferences have been saved...and then it goes right back to using instant with 10 results per page!

i should mention that i use the google search bar on the top right of a safari browser, not the google home page.

anyone have a solution on how to change search preferences in a way that actually stick?