View Full Version : Danielewski's House Of Leaves

12-04-2005, 10:09 PM
anybody here read it? thoughts, impressions, reviews??

13-04-2005, 06:02 AM
I read it a few years ago. I enjoyed it, I suppose, but I haven't felt tempted to go back. It's a bit too long for what it is, and some of the more gimmicky 'experimental' parts get pretty tiring pretty fast - the bits where some text is sideways, or upside-down, or both on the same page, for instance, which is the kind of thing that sounds cool but is kind of irritating in practice. The multiple layers of narrative voices can also become slightly stressful - it's meant to be a manuscript of a critical bibliography studying a film that doesn't actually exist, which has then been discovered by the vaguely cyberpunky main narrator, and then in turn his text has been annotated and added to by 'the editors', which gives the whole thing a kind of patchworky feel. I did like it, though - it felt very different to anything else I'd read, and some parts are genuinely creepy. It's kind of like if someone tried to combine Steven King, Haruki Murukami, BS Johnson and Roland Barthes. Or something like that, anyhow.