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15-04-2005, 05:51 AM
thought i'd give advance notice to the dissensus community in nyc

starting on saturday may 14th there'll be late night parties at xxxxx

the 14th, then monthly

admission will be more or less free up until 2 or 3 am -- i.e., people w/ bottles of booze will be most welcome -- then probably $10 or $15 on the door

the location is ideal -- easy to get to from all parts of town and no neighbors in the building

the guy who owns the place -- "pete" -- has thrown a couple other parties and has never had problems with cops

the general game plan is for pete to host mainly his own friends, plus whomever else may come by early, from 10 pm up until about 2:30 -- and then at 2:30 we expect late night crowd to begin arriving and for early crowd to start to leave

i'll be the selector, ahem, for this part of the evening -- mainly 90/91/92 rave music, plus various 80s sounds -- i'm into queasy rhythms, the psychedelic voodoo vibe -- but i'm also a sucker for anthems -- and i don't mix -- if you're absurdly generous, you'll think david mancuso

then around 3:30 or 4:30 marvin from manchester takes over -- aka renochild -- he'll be playing hacienda classics

we've got a good core crowd of service industry people, djs, musicians -- which we'll then cross with pete and his friends -- then various others who we're confident will materialize

i'll bring this posting back up to the top as the party nears, but i wanted to alert people early

needless to say all dissensus people welcome

11-05-2005, 03:53 PM
thought i'd move this back to the top as the first party is this saturday

again, i'm the selector (i.e., select but don't mix) from 10 pm to 4 am, then dj renochild from manchester takes over . . . . admission should be free before 3 am or so, then probably $10 or $15 on the door . . . . that is, i'm still not sure of the details b/c i have only a minor role in the operation . . . . basically the real party begins at 4 am, and my job is to keep the friends of the guy who owns the place relatively happy and try to make sure there's people still there when the late night crowd arrives (or else be the fall guy if the place is deserted by that point) . . . . the late night crowd is music & restaurant & bar people, but i'm not sure what early crowd will be like (i.e., i expect 20-something yuppies and various euorpeans, but can't really say) . . . . game plan is to have a party this saturday, a party two weeks later on the 28th, then monthly . . . . that is, most late nights in manhattan are run by the mob and the music and the scene completely sucks . . . . so we're aiming to have the best late night in the city . . . . we have the perfect space, dead center of manhattan, and there are no neighbors = low risk of noise complaints . . . . i play mainly 90/92 uk rave classics (plus some balearic, plus some industrial and post-disco), and marvin will play hacienda classics

13-05-2005, 06:01 PM
i ll want to come up from VA in july/august if the first few months go well.

not that i need many excuses to find myself in nyc, but this sounds fun.

16-05-2005, 03:18 PM
a/ dominic...

I'm interested to know if the afterhours crowd materialized for this on Saturday, and if so how was the party?

The Heat party earlier that night w/ Crazy Titch, J2K and Cameo was such a crime against humanity that I had to throw in the towel early.

Anyway, if you'll be continuing to do the afterhours party I definitely want to make it out for that in the future. Sounds like it should be a fun time.

16-05-2005, 05:19 PM
the party went well -- i.e., interesting mix of people, pretty busy from 1 until 7, lots of women

however, not sure when the next one will be

i thought the game plan was to do another one the sunday night of memorial day weekend, but the guy who's place it is told me that he wants to wait a little bit longer

i'll let people know when the next one is

we also need to get a more intelligent admissions policy -- we ended up charging $10 before 2 am, and $20 after 2 am -- but b/c $20 is way too high, people ended up letting their friends in for free and that sort of thing -- however, admission did include open bar

also the music wasn't quite as i had advertised -- i.e., i went first b/c i'm technically incompetent and very amateurish (i really need to take lessons or something), and so started off early 80s, then did some circa 1990 stuff, then got a bit more junglistic, though i alternated w/ other stuff in an attempt to compensate for lack of mixing skills with interesting juxtaposition -- then andre mcleod took over and he mainly played late 90s/early 00s house (though he's from kingston and i think that somehow informs his selection, so it's quite good though perhaps not up the alley of dissensus people) -- then marvin aka renochild played a mix of hacienda classics and some broken beats -- then giorgio from organic grooves played for a little bit -- then marvin took over again

16-05-2005, 06:25 PM
The Heat party earlier that night w/ Crazy Titch, J2K and Cameo was such a crime against humanity that I had to throw in the towel early.

Hah! It was shit indeed.

19-05-2005, 10:52 AM
we're going to do our next party on the 11th of june

w/ PA's by Hotel and Kingston 19

i'll provide more info as soon as we sort additional matters out

if any ny'ers are interested, private message me and i'll put you on our mailing list