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15-04-2005, 07:07 AM
i never tire of pushing kudu

for dissensus people who prefer all things brooklyn, they can check out kudu at asterisk on april 30th

not sure who else is on the bill -- will update when i have more details -- but last time i went to asterisk all bands were neo-post-punk in orientation

expect $5 on the door

parties start at 9 pm and run as late as the crowd desires

(errr, last time it petered out around 4 am, if memory serves)

kudu probably take stage at midnight

directions as follows:

by subway -- L to Montrose. Walk one block down Bushwick to Johnson. Take a left. Look for the red asterisk on the right.

by automobile -- Williamsburg Bridge to Queensbound BQE. Exit on Humboldt. Go
south, and make a left on Grand. Make a right on Bushwick, then a left on Johnson. Look for the red asterisk on your right.

address is 258 Johnson

links --



28-04-2005, 12:12 AM
thought i'd move this back to the top as the event is this weekend

also on the bill:

In Flagranti -- which is Zeb and Sasha from Organic Grooves (i.e., the loft party crew) -- if you don't know Zeb, he's a brilliant autodidact guitarist -- and both he and Sasha are first-rate producers -- top quality dubby house -- not sure if they're performing live or if it's simply a case of Sasha spinning records -- here's a link: www.codek.com

DJ Tim Sweeney will also spin records -- he's affiliated with DFA and does the Beats in Space website -- here's a link: www.beatsinspace.com

And the late late late night dj is Cocoa Cracker Brown -- he's part of the NuBlu scene and plays a lot of 70s funk

Other acts on the bill, whom I know nothing about, are:

Criminal Justice and Cardenal

THIS SHOULD BE AN EXCELLENT PARTY -- $5 on the door -- $3 beers -- absinthe also on hand -- starts at 10 pm

28-04-2005, 12:16 AM
ALSO IN EAST WILLIAMSBURG on Saturday, April 30th is the Green Circus benefit party

I plan to go to the Green Circus benefit at around 6 pm, and then around 11 pm or so walk a few blocks south to Asterisk

here's what I said on my pathetic blog . . . .

The Green Circus is Sammy Solar, Psychic Fabulina, Gail Force, James Green, Hempy the Clown and Drala the Earth Goddess. They tarry with the smoggy forces of Smog Gog. Some call them freaky and surreal, others say they're highly conscious. They specialize in children's entertainment. This Saturday they perform at the Stain Bar for an adult population. Burlesque, clownish antics, acrobatics and trapeze, live music.

Musical guests include Karma Sutra, Blake and the Family Dog, the fantastically futuristic Vic Thrill experience and Axis Mundi on the far-out vibes. The sovereign nation of Mykronesia will also be on hand to recount her struggle for nationhood and perform "exotic" dances.

What, again, is the Green Circus? A collective of artists, clowns and teachers whose mission is to educate the public about more ecologically sustainable ways of living. Their modus operandi is to give free shows and conduct free workshops at community events and environmental policy conferences, principally in NYC and SF. This summer they'll tour the country in the Green Machine, a bus fueled by biodiesel and grease from restaurants. At each stop they make, they'll explain how the biodiesel engine works. They also have a pilot for a children's television show.

In exchange for a good time this Saturday, the Circus hopes to have your money and support.

Stain Bar, 766 Grand St (b/w Humboldt and Graham); http://www.greencircus.org for info; 6 pm, $7-15 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.

28-04-2005, 01:00 AM
and let me say once again that if you're seriously down with real-deal 90/92 junglistic hardcore, then it is your DUTY to check out Kudu -- it's the same thing, different context

certain acts and certain scenes simply have it -- the junglistic x factor

liquid, psychotropic, genaside ii, and so many others back then

and today in a black rock context it's kudu

they are powerful, they are raw

they give intense pleasure

they go straight to the core

i just hope they have the good sense to capture the raw power of their sound in the studio

i.e., kudu are musicians in the first respect, but not necessarily studio savvy (i.e., i don't know to say)

however, D is John Cale's drummer -- and to my ears John Cale is the best producer the Happy Mondays ever had

i.e., John Cale captured the rawness of the early Mondays

hopefully someone else will do the same for Kudu

01-05-2005, 12:59 PM
kudu were brilliant as always

and i'm pretty excited about the upcoming kudu record, based on conversations

first, i talked with the drummer "D" and he totally agreed with me about the need for kudu to keep things RAW -- i prefaced my remarks to him by saying "i know this is way out of line, but you guys really shouldn't get into the beats game -- leave that for remixes by other producers -- keep the album and singles RAW -- focus on your own drumming" -- and he also agreed that cale's work on "squirrel and g-man" is far superior to that of martin hannett and paul oakenfold -- and he seemed to get my point, i.e., that kudu are the new mondays -- the voodoo death vibe

second, i spoke with justin -- the guy who now runs nublu records -- he completely agrees that the upcoming kudu album needs to be fucking RAW -- he wants to bring in the people behind chic chic chic's production -- he also talked about how brazilian girls fucked up by signing with verve and allowing themselves to be marketed to the cocktail party set -- that is, brazilian girls are a very good band when heard live -- but the way they've been produced and marketed is a complete travesty -- but believe me, no such mistakes will be made with kudu

BRACE YOURSELVES ENGLAND!!!!! -- kudu have it in spades

you hear a band like kudu and you realize how utterly expendable most music is -- i.e., the vast preponderance

the only moments that count are as follows:

(1) kudu today

(2) 90/91/92 junglistic hardcore

(3) 85/88 DARK chicago house

(4) PiL live in France

everything else you could do without if you had to

01-05-2005, 03:15 PM
you keep on saying they are great and that but you haven't given us a link to some of their music and website etc,
you make them sound amazing though but i can't tell.

01-05-2005, 05:36 PM
i gave you a link up above -- here's the same link --


with the proviso, however, that the songs on the clips are too cleanly produced and the programmed beats ain't so great (i.e., there's a million and one producers who could do better programming)

i.e., the sound clips are way too tame and don't come close to capturing the dark voodoo of the live show (which is why i say it's a question of getting the right producer)

so imagine what you hear on the clips with much rawer production and no programmed beats -- simply live demonic drums

when they play live they obviously use a lot of sounds they've produced themselves -- this is what the keyboardist Nick K. does -- i.e., he brings in all the produced sounds -- but when you hear the "boom boom" ep and the sound clips on the website something has been lost in the translation -- however, i think they're smart enough to realize as much and will have much rawer production on upcoming releases

01-05-2005, 06:24 PM
in terms of their on-line sound clips, i'd say the 1st clip ("magic touch") comes closest to what they sound like

however, clips 03 ("neon graveyard") and 04 ("playing house") are also pretty close to it

some of the other clips are a bit embarrassing (such as 02 -- "cannibal")

if you ask me, they should simply release live recordings

i.e., what makes the live show so good is: (1) the IMMERSION effect of the keyboards -- i.e., that wet early 80s sound; (2) the live drums; (3) dark synth lines reminiscent of "horror" rave; and (4) sylvia's mercurial singing

whereas on the sound clips the immersion effect of the keyboards isn't even there on several of the tracks, w/ the result that many of the other sound effects are too high in the mix -- and sylvia's singing isn't nearly as crazed as it is live

again, it's a question of getting the right producer -- b/c they have all the right elements and they can do it live -- but they're losing the crucial X factor when they work in the studio