View Full Version : DJ Misbehavior at Mundial on Sundays

18-04-2005, 06:05 AM
i've been reluctant to mention mundial here for a number of reasons

(1) i don't like the space -- way too cold and sterile for a bar in the east village (12th b/w A & B)

(2) i'm friendly w/ so many of the people who work and dj there that you could say i have a conflict of interest

(3) not sure if the music that gets played there would appeal to dissensus types anyway, i.e., it's not avant and it's not terribly street

HOWEVER, they've now got DJ Misbehavior playing records there on Sunday evenings

she's from ladbroke grove and has lived in nyc for about six years now

don't know her age, but suspect she's older than me -- so she's been around!

anyway she comes at things from what she calls a "soul" angle -- but her definition of soul includes hip hop, r'n'b, 2-step garage and 93/94 jungle -- she's very keen on the rebel mc

she was never much into the rave scene, but always kept her finger on the pulse of the streets -- that's why she was (and is) down w/ the jungle music

(today she's perhaps a bit removed from the streets -- so don't expect grime)

(though i talked to a friend of hers who knew the black ops label -- i.e., some kind of weird ladbroke grove coincidence this weekend -- and this same guy knew some people i once knew in brighton some 12 years ago -- so doubly weird conversation)

if you're looking for a mellow sunday evening AND an education in the west london take on soul music (broadly defined), then i'd recommend showing up around 8-ish or 9-ish

she played some top jungle tracks tonight, plus lots of other good stuff

i trust her ear already

ALSO, marvin from manchester (aka renochild) plays mundial on saturdays (10 to 4) -- he's a good mate of mine -- when the night starts to wind down he puts on the classic house & disco as played at hacienda -- and i should add that marvin "gets" what dance culture is supposed to be about -- he and his ilk practically invented it

AND on wednesdays (10 to 4) ron jean-gilles and andre mcleod play house, disco, reggae, post-punk, soul, etc -- in a kingston/port au prince stylee -- w/ some emphasis on the early 80s disco-to-house transition -- and these two also "get" the big picture

and let's just say that knowing what things are supposed to be about goes an awful long way in my book