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30-05-2013, 01:55 PM
I watched this again the other day. Seen it a long time before but this time it struck me that one reading of it is simply that Laura Palmer is being raped by her dad and seeks to blot it out with drugs, prostitution and an invented world with the black lodge and the one-armed man etc
I guess that's a fairly obvious interpretation but I don't think that I've ever read that as an explanation. Is that because Twin Peaks the series itself undermines that idea because the weirdness continues and must exist outside LP's head? Again, it's a long time since I've seen that as well so I can't really remember. Just surprised that in all the times I searched for an explanation of the series I've never seen this one.
I'm sure someone will dig out an example now though.

30-05-2013, 03:28 PM
I would say it's pretty unknowable whether the world is inside her head and invented completely by her, or whether it's 'real' in some way - either way, she's finding the (quasi-mystical) resources to cope with something unbelievably terrible. Depends whether you believe in God (insert similar, less hackneyed term) or not, I suppose.

One of my very favourite films, and I prefer it to the series. Some of the scenes verge on the sublime. First half hour is rubbish/pointless though, or at least has always seemed that way to me; on the other hand, perhaps without the disjunct between it and the main part of the film, the whole wouldn't work so well. I've never skipped it, so I wouldn't be able to say.

30-05-2013, 05:25 PM
Well my girlfriend suggested that Cooper is infected by her madness through the diary and just trying to get into her head and he continues her reality for her. Dunno. I like all the supernormal stuff so I prefer to believe in it in the context of the film.
You're right, it's a very scary film, hard to believe it was so badly slated when it came out.
Baboon - I think that the bit at the start is just back story really. I don't think it's ever explained what happened to Chris Isaak.
Love the music in this scene


31-05-2013, 10:20 AM
it's great. Moira Kelly is wonderful as Donna too; a huge improvement on Lara Flynn Boyle.

This is probably my favourite scene/image from the film:


31-05-2013, 08:15 PM
Fucking love the opening sections: both the Chris Isaak/Kiefer Sutherland and the Cooper/Lynch/Bowie.