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22-08-2015, 01:50 PM
Playlists are also acceptable.

Inspired to make this thread by coming across lists compiled by rateyourmusic user ''diction'' today: http://rateyourmusic.com/~diction

He has listed the top albums in Hip-Hop year by year (not sure where up to but at least 1995), with explanations of why he picked each album. Not just the big ones, either, he digs pretty deep into e.g. bay area rap music.

Example: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/diction/the_top_20_hip_hop_albums_of_1987/

Like most people, I suspect, I'm a sucker for lists and although sometimes they make me feel as if I'm just listening to stuff to be a completist, without any real joy or depth, they also have introduced me to some amazing music and I find it inspiring that people have the passion about music to compile them.

We could expand this to lists NOT related to music, too, if you like. Let's gather some supplies before the long cold winter hits us in a few months.

And of course we could make our OWN lists for shits and giggles.

22-08-2015, 02:06 PM
This is one of my favourite music lists online, Cipha Sounds 75 Greatest Tunnel Bangers list on Complex.com (http://uk.complex.com/music/2013/05/cipha-sounds-presents-the-75-greatest-tunnel-bangers-3/). It's an interesting one because it's not just about how good the records selected are; it's about what those records meant to a legendary New York nightclub crowd, packed with crazy characters and the potential for (violent) street drama.

I was going to spice this post up with some quotes from the list but Complex site has slowed my computer to a crawl so you'll have to have a look yourself.

22-08-2015, 02:39 PM
Does Complex still make slideshow lists with 100 pages filled with gossip and opinions that get them in trouble with thin skinned people and they wind up erasing pages and having blank spots and missing parts in the countdown list?

22-08-2015, 05:31 PM
^ lol I'm not sure but their lists are at least usually on one page nowadays ^


This looks like the kind of list of lists that could drive a sane man into mania. RateYourMusic is the infinite Borgesian library of music lists. In it we see a macro replication of the complexity and horror-inducing magnitude of the universe itself. I think I'm going to lose the plot unless there's some sort of apocalyptic event that destroys the internet and forces us all to use CDs and vinyl again.

22-08-2015, 05:33 PM
OTOH I discovered this album today cos of my obsessive list reading


24-08-2015, 08:12 AM
lol the uk hip hop list

"Listening to all of these songs in order will make you want to skeng some cunt."

24-08-2015, 12:16 PM

I endorse this list compiled exclusively by kids too young to remember the '80s

24-08-2015, 02:47 PM


One of many ludicrously large Spotify playlists I will be linking on here in the future.