View Full Version : Star Wars - The Necon Allegory (Warning contains spoilers!)

23-12-2015, 07:09 AM

Poe - (erratic freedom fighter) Ed Milliband
Finn - (Not entirely committed to the resistance) Chuka Umunna
Rey - Anonymous Guardian Reader from Chelsea

BB-8 - Join The Labour Party Website

Princess Leia - (feisty practical sister) Diane Abbott
Hans Solo - (the swashbuckling veteran) Ken Livinsgtone
Luke Skywalker - (beard in hiding for thirty years) Jeremy Corbyn

Kylo Ren - (is that a glimmer of light in his cold dark heart?) David Cameron
General Hux - (by any means necessary) George Osbourne
Supreme Leader Snoke - the ghost of Margaret Thatcher

john eden
23-12-2015, 08:58 AM
Not sure how many guardian readers in Chelsea eke out a living by punting scrap metal?

I reckon former student now working in a warehouse or call centre is more like it.

Good call on Chuka, but his character in the film wasn't suggesting a milder Death Star as a realistic solution to galactic problems, so not entirely convinced.