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05-11-2004, 03:05 PM
all meat no filler


TODAY, FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5th, Londonīs Resonance FM
(104.4 fm, webcast on www.resonancefm.com) will
broadcast an exclusive post-election DJ /rupture mix.

His set airs at 11PM in the UK (midnight in Spain,
6pm in NYC, 3pm in SF, etc).

1 hour of democratically scarred mayhem: weird
breakcore, noise, blazing crunk-grime blends, a dash
of funk, a splash of Agoraphonic Nosebleed, and much

This is part of Red Zero Radio, a 16-hour
radiophonic festival of apocalyptic sounds dedicated
to John Peel, the man who did more than anybody to air
hardcore music and risky sounds on mainstream radio