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shamelessly taking an idea from ILM lol

i've been searching for another large body of 'rainforest' (fragile, sort of degenerate-sounding synths, intricate polyrhythms, etc) techno like all the Innovator tunes ... any ideas?

- urban tribe's "collapse of modern culture" is the best album ever.

- nurmad jusat's tracks under the names nuron & fugue on the likemind label. hell, all of the likemind label (it's only 4 eps)

- steve pickton's work as stasis on peacefrog (earlier material better) and his ep on mo'wax especially

- early black dog work, and their side projects. balil is the biggie, tura and atypic to a lesser degree. about 1/2 to 2/3 of the "trainer" retrospective fits your description.

- early material on the planet e label. the "intergalactic beats" comp, but also the lesser-known "elements of and experiments with sound" compilation (modeselector, moodring and especially the connection machine are the key artists, i think)

- obviously b12, who made a career out of copying derrick may, and early kirk degiorgio too. i guess the applied rhythmic technology and b12 catalogs.

- david moufang's work as move d

early tracks on the eevo lute muzique label fit the bill too and are highly rated in some circles but i don't think they're all that great.

i'd call the material on the ferox label "Rainforest" in the sense that it's basically artcore techno, though instead of the fragile degenerate synths you had this super-perky ultra-discrete synthwork. that and extra shuffliness makes lots of the ferox catalog fall closer to proto-microhouse, though if you're still interested the "techno soul" compilations and russ gabriel's early-to-mid catalog will probably suit you fine.

um i feel like i should have more to say because this is my favorite kind of music but derrick may is much more sui generis than you'd think. also the recent european detroit techno revival stuff sort of leaves me cold ($tinkworx, arne weinberg, deepart, etc).

there's a thread somewhere on not-west-london broken beat (CiM, the better stuff on delsin, etc) but that's not really like derrick may, it's just coming from a milleu where early-90s uk techno (likemind label, applied rhythmic technology, etc) is ground zero.

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what you got?

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so am i but it cant be helped