View Full Version : Monsters of Mashup Tour (Shitmat/Bong-Ra/Enduser)

10-05-2005, 12:37 PM
Bigged this (http://www.monsters-of-mashup.tk/) up on Dissensus a good while back, and happened to catch the show in Ljubljana/Slovenia on Saturday. Asked around for directions to the Channel Zero club while in town drinking before the gig and earned nothing but looks of disgust. The nicest thing anyone had to say about it was that is was 'underground'. Needless to say, I loved it even before I knew it.

They had a nice reggae room going, though I only peeked in to score another beer and listen to the end of Tristan Palma's great, great 'Spliff Tail'. Next stop, breakcore hell. Mad, mad stuff.

Shitmat is really something else to behold, chugging beer cans, headbanging, pumping his fist, abusing the mic, falling over with frequency while he was doing all this, just the way every respectable dj should. He mixed in snippets of what sounded like Slovene accordion music, putting smiles on everyones faces. I saw people who had nearly passed out from excess get up again and give it another go. Bong-Ra's more ragga jungle oriented bizness was great too, and I especially loved the inclusion of an old favorite of mine, Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth's 'Kill or be killed'.

A few hours, smokes and drinks later, I passed out on the hotel bed fully dressed with a can of beer in my hand and another unopened one in my pants pocket. Lovely.