View Full Version : anyone do video editing on a PC?

16-06-2005, 03:26 AM
I know it's verboten amongst most, but I do. curious to know if anyone else does it and what they are using.

10-4 :D

16-06-2005, 07:56 AM
I know it's verboten amongst most, but I do. curious to know if anyone else does it and what they are using.

10-4 :D

im on a mac. have pretty much always been. BUT I have used Premiere Pro on the PC and they've made it pretty much identical to Final Cut Pro (which isnt a bad thing BTW)

i'll wager the Blackmagic Cards (http://www.blackmagic-design.com/) work extremely well too. if you're looking to do anything more than DV. an australian company too!

ome is the Dissensus member to advise you on this really. When I was researching which way to go (back in 1999) it appeared SpeedRazor was good, but they may not even make that anymore

17-06-2005, 03:59 AM
I'm curious to know if you still have to render FX and transitions with FCP on a G5?

I recently bought a Canopus Storm2Pro and using their Edius software I have a truly sublime and robust RealTime editing then port to other Vegas or After Fx for further tinkering, part of the reason I went with them. But it seems that FCP is the norm, thought has a slower work-flow.

I also have PPro and Vegas. I went with PC as these two offer DD 5.1 surround sound 'audio' encoding. PPro has AWESOME plugins and visual /sonic manipulators, far more than FCP, but I can see yr point about copying.

If I went with MAC the cost to do these things would have been astronomica;.

Vegas is pretty sexy. SONY once again coming up from nowhere with kick-arse tech!

19-07-2005, 12:25 PM
I havent kept up to date in the last few years but anyway:

For prosumer desktop editing on windows for under 1k:

Premier - granddaddy of desktop editing - an Adobe UI- so lots of floating windows (final cut pro and premier are designed by the same person). Works well with other Adobe products

Avid Xpess - based on the original pro editing interface 'Avid Composer' thats used by lots of old pros and is still the off line edit tool of choice. Realy fast workflow if you learn the shortcuts. Good upgrade\compatibility path in the Avid family (includes pro tools)

Vegas - new kid on the block bought out by Sony. Great inteface, easy to use without sacrificing profressional features.

They all do pretty much the same thing, and the learning curve isnt too steep on these apps. If you edit anything that is better quality than DV you need to get a RAID disk system and a hardware video card (like blackmagic). Also a good TV (grade 2 if you can afford it - or a newish sony triniton) is required to check what it looks like when it ends up braodcast on TV.

With a new computer, rendering transitions and basic titles in DV is as fast as you like. If you want realtime multi-layer effects thats more than a couple of layers and some doddgy wipes you need to get an application that uses GPU rendering i.e. Motion on a MAC / Fusion 5 on a PC / of high-end Discreet tools like Flame.

(i'm with matte on this one and use FCP on a mac for the editing but do 3D and compsiting on a PC - if your needs are only cutting and transitions and you dont want to spend too long learing a new application Microsoft sell a ok editing package, and there also must be a free shareware or open-source applications out there that also do home-movie editing)

check out my new wiki (1 day old) for Moving Image pixel pushers (http://www.movingimagearts.com/wiki.html) its a bit sparce but should hopefully soon fill up.

19-07-2005, 01:31 PM
Vegas is pretty sexy. SONY once again coming up from nowhere with kick-arse tech!I've been using Vegas since before it was a Sony product. It is good, very flexible and the sound manipulation leaves FCP for dust (not surprising as Vegas started life as an audio tool, apparently).
I really like FCP, too - except for the audio which is a P-A-I-N.
Sony also do a lite version of Vegas I think (they do for SoundForge and Acid, both of which I also abuse regularly).
Subtitling and cheap 'n' crappy compositing are a synch on Vegas. FCP is a nicer app to cut on.
Then again, this is not my area of so-called expertise :)

19-07-2005, 11:32 PM
I'm basically cutting in FULL Real-Time using Canopus Edius3 and a Storm2 Pro Card...

Then I export the editing AVi and tweak sound and whatever with Vegas, which I should learn to use better but i'm lazy.