View Full Version : Techno liveset for download...

matt ob
16-11-2004, 09:18 AM
Judging by what gets discussed here, I realise that many of you probably won't be too into techno but I saw a thread about Mathew Johnson the other day which made me think it's worth posting this after all.

It's a recording of the debut liveset I played on Saturday, using Ableton Live + DJ mixer. I tried to keep things fairly unstructured and mix things as live as possible, which accounts for some of the levels being all over the place and the occasional mistake here and there. It's only about 35 minutes long and is pretty deep for the most part, it's not banging nonsense. Well, not to these ears anyway. :D

Matt O'Brien live @ S.E.N.D. (http://www.randomtag.com/mp3/Matt_OBrien_live_@_SEND_13112004.mp3) 51Mb