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01-08-2005, 05:13 PM
i've had one mp3 copy of gza's liquid swords for a very long time. a precious bit of data backed up to several decaying cdrs. anyway, at some point near the end of labels, for maybe a second or two, there is a bit of another track. someone says something about 'el ministro del fomento'. the beat resumes as fast as it was interrupted and the track ends. after playing this bit countless times i needed no further proof of rza's (former?) genius. for someone to just drop a sample like that in the middle of nowhere.. only a true master, i thought.

well, i briefly surfaced from abject poverty a while ago and ordered the bloody cd. then, when i played it, right when i was expecting the 'ministro del fomento' bit.. it didn't happen. it never existed! :D

01-08-2005, 05:40 PM
i used to get that with the old C90s, back in the day
you'd get a t rack off a random cassette that you loved, maybe a bit chopnskrew thru metal fatigue, maybe a praticularly clunky 4th generation re-dub, on a tape that you picked up travelling, or given by some acquaintance 'yeah i make music-check this' or on that DJ mixtape recorded live at some gawdawful rave in '93....

nowadays the 2K1 equivalent for me is slsk ... my searches getting abstracter and abstracter
jali, cheba, crisis loan, babylon, tigist, xala
the more abstract, the looser shit ya get coming back down
cf. this random beaut -> Balotta! (http://railtonroad.com/mp3/Djeloul%20-%20Balotta%20remix.mp3) !
no clue 'bout the provenance but you know that's how we like it! probly if someone can ID this (algerian gay disco?) that will ruin it's contextless allure, like that old cassette 'Sounds from Bajul Nding" to which i rawked out for long before i realised it was a mix of youssou vs. theme from risky business :eek: :rolleyes: :confused: