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10-08-2005, 10:42 AM
miranda july makes a feature film... me and you and everyone we know

saw this film about a month ago in chicago, now its being shown here as well from the end of the week (at the curzon-soho friday then elsewhere after that)

roger ebert the idiot film critic for the chicago sun-something called it "this years 'sideways'" which upset me quite abit. i aslo heard someone say "it's just a rip off of that tod soldantz movie 'happiness'".
to me tho this is almost the exact oppostie of both those films (neither of which i liked at all)
i'm not saying i think this is the best movie ever but it is infinitely more attractive and amusing than either of those other films, its infintely less conservative as well.

i used to be quite into her spoken word stuff and her youthclub style art projects (www.learningtoloveyoumore.com) (www.mirandajuly.com)
so i was a bit worried how a 'proper' feature film was going to turn out. i think in the end she manages to make a film that's basically an accessible romantic comedy (blech!) but which admits a much richer humanity or individuality for the characters than say uhmmm sideways.
its opposite to happiness in that it's totally anti-cynical, sometimes to the point of tweeness admitedly, but it happily loses the aloof "arent 'ordinary' people fucked up?" boring superiority i felt soldantz was projecting.

other things that made it better than sideways (in my opinion), its got women in it who dont behave like crazy automata, it often goes off somewhere unexpected out of the blue, its joyfull, strange and still very accessible... and its actually genuinely funny

anyway if anyone sees it or wants to slag it, i'd be interested to hear what you think