View Full Version : Recent and forthcoming South

19-08-2005, 02:20 AM
Lots of Texas stuff coming out recently and soon. Slim Thug a little while ago, next month Bun B and also Paul Wall. I liked the Slim Thug quite well despite a few weak tracks ... people's unhappiness about the Neptunes production wasn't shared by me completely, though Three Kings probably was indeed the best of the lot on that record. Should have had Still Tippin too probably ... I was also bummed that "Look So Clean' or whatever it was called was taken off the record in the official version, I thought that one was great. Looking forward massively to the Bun B album; the few tracks I've heard around were stellar. Rumor has it that the Paul Wall record is good as well.

David Banner's new one is also about to come out right? I heard a few tracks and thought they were pretty weak; none of the power of his earlier stuff, just boring and empty. Maybe I should give them another listen. But there is some great stuff on there (Ridin' for example). Have to give it a listen ..