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polystyle desu
02-09-2005, 04:53 PM
Am returning to Dissensus after 28 days in Japan and what a great time it was .
Didn't have (and didn't remember) my p'word , so I lost out on writing from the field (that's on the blog).
Returning and checking bk into Dis , well it just made me want to support this house K-Punk and Matt and everyone have made ...

Some blurs and music notes from trip :

An old group of mine, Death Comet Crew aka DCC were invited to play @ club Unit - same venue as Wiley and crew played a couple months bk .
Coming off a sad poorly attended Troubleman Unlimited 'showcase' last fall for CMJ ,
we were happy and well chuffed to see that 600 peple had turned out for the double bill of 'Death Comet Crew with Rammellzee' and Toshi's 'Plastics ex' (some of you may have seen Plastics on Downtown '81 or just knew of them generally).
Toshi had vocalist from Pizzicato Five , a pole dancer and a full on show and brought alot of Tokyo people.
Getting 600 to bounce to our new tunes was a blast , the kids were super friendly and some freaks knew the names of our engineer from uh, 1984 ("At The Marble Bar" UK only 12" Beggars B) , many gig photos from cell phones were already posted on mixi (online community) that night .
But these kids , adults and 1980's geezers , everyone so glad to hear the music and kept us busy signing , drinking , smoking till we got out of there at 5 AM sun coming up on another hot humid Tokyo day ...
Old school , New school , No school ...

Listening to Siouxsie And The Banshees (for K-P) . Sometime in May , my ears were perked to Siouxsie again (by an idea for the new guitar part for a new DCC song we are finishing) so I asked my mate M Diekmann to dub me the "Once" and "Twice upon a Time" Singles comps.
These served well on the trip , once when we were driving back from a camping trip in which we went about 3 hours away from Tokyo to Yamanashi Pref. where our friend's friend was ... building a treehouse .
On the way back, you know how it goes , everyone gets quiet , tired from trip so i popped in the Siouxsie and with the first notes of HK Garden ('leave your yen on the counter please ...') everyone woke up and the drive back was all singin along and marveling at these songs still sounded great.
Later in the trip I DJ'ed a bit at our after gig party and went from somebody's half assed anonymous 'house'
music to Jigsaw Feeling just like that >
Everybody wearing black got up and danced of course , and a few others too .
Many in the room were just too young to know the song but hey they can learn .

Earthquake sonic.
On one of our last days , I was sitting on floor in Ohashi Apt. when up the coast a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast . Being South of it by a good 3 hours , still packed a punch and the worrying thing - it kept going and going ... almost a minute of shaking , rumbling and a deep shuddering feeling - half heard under the city .
Of course, NHK had the precise magnitudes and area of the quake onscreen within seconds .
But unless you've ever been in a quake shake , well I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Kamakura sonic .
Took a day to go to Kamakura ('if you don't have time to go to Kyoto or Nara , you go to Kamakura') where once off the train we were bathed in quiet , a little breeze coming through the trees and the layers of cicadas washing over the few people who ventured out on such a hot day .
Just sat in the trees shade and listened to the cicada's ...

Blurs of music from CM's playing on giant screens , stores blasting their own themes into melting Shibuya streets , Silver gray haired 'rock ' squad squatting on sidelines , big hawkers standing right in the middle of the road unnmovable,
quiet cool bookstores littered with ah , articles on such worthy crap as 'Thievery Corp'. 'Deep Dish' , UNKLE, articles on fashions from "Nana" , Pharrell and his Ice Cream brand of shoes with B Ape (good luck , maybe 14 year olds will buy/ do buy).
A quote from Nigo that 'in NY now they line up for shoes outside the (BA)store , they didn't do that before'
Sorry Nigo , unless you got it on vid , i don't believe it.
Really enjoyed the 0001000 show also @ Unit
And as usual, some catchy music and mondo shit on TV

Being away for that long (will go bk ASAP) was a real good thing , shakes one out of the usual shite you usually do day to day , week to week , month to month lifestyle to lifestyle.
Always good to leave America for awhile , esp. with current Admin in place , disasters 'round any corner.
Tokyo so much faster then NY , but this time i did not get (totally) exhausted and came bk replenished and ready for new .

Then r'ding Dissensus , it wasn't so much 'too many grime threads' but the tiring tone of those who seem to believe that just because someone has another opinion - they are wrong .
It's all pretty subjective , and there is so much to like , so many currents are flowing (if you know it or not)
seems there could just be more positive exchange.
I did find myself in past months/ year sometimes getting PO'd about this comment , post or that one ,
the 'group all Americans as stupid' or 'get over 9/11 already' type comments did get a rise ,
but ya know in general it's just words and life's too short and the world too crazy to argue with every T , D and Harry.
Enjoy it while you can

I just say thank you Matt and Mark for the house and I plan to hang on here
Cheers/No Fears

05-09-2005, 08:57 AM
I just had a flying visit to Tokyo. Arrived 7am saturday morning, flew out 7pm sunday night. Spent the day touring designer boutiques with a russian oligarch (to the Dior shop attendant "don't you have anything more expensive? this is all cheap shit - I would be ashamed to be seen in this in Moscow"). Walking around drinking in the sheer OCD mania of Japanese fashion consumption before heading out for sushi sake and white powder at some place in Ginza which was horrified at the intrusion of 3 such boorish types. We tried to go clubbing and to hear good music. We really did. Instead however ended up in some feral hang-out for off-duty international models. Ratio of women to men 10:1 at least, apparently none of them prostitutes either. Tokyo is so weird. DJ played usual hip hop/dancehall/reggaeton selection until about 2am when it switched up to a selection of detroit classics mixed in with last years electrohouse big hits. Again fucking weird. Skinny girls gyrated on the dancefloor. We sat in a private backroom doing karaoke to Biggie, 2pac and 50cent songs and racking lines on the table. Oligarch had paid off the yakuza types running the place so it was anything goes. A succession of models trooped in and out to make idle conversation and steal our alcohol and other substances. I dueted on a grease medley with a canadian teenager. We left to get more pills and ended up in some 4th floor dive full of scary pimps, transexual hookers and monged Australians. There was a card table in one corner with four suited middle-aged men playing blackjack seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. Danced to really bad trance for 4 hours then went home. Shibuya and Roppongi streets in dawn hours are frightening. Casualties everywhere. Bad skin, bad hair, bad clothes. And why are all the dealers Iranian? I vow to stick to Daikanyama next time.

polystyle desu
05-09-2005, 02:45 PM
Wow , Back
Your recent trip sounds pretty wild !
I didn't get THAT side of Tokyo (lines on the table, etc.) but the raw spectacle , queasy music mix of those bars, dives, clubs and the morning aftermath rings real and as disorienting.
Sounds like another trip out to Odaiba for a bracing breeze (did you get a breeze last time?) would be in order
after the wash/laundering/processing you experienced !
Reported like a true soldier , Back

Your trip rds like a W Gibson wetdream , of sorts
Steady on and be well

polystyle desu
07-09-2005, 07:02 PM
Continuing to next place , new POV's ...
We are currently looking & booking train passes & hotels , B&B's for a belated Euro jaunt for
Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee (Gomma '03 Europe/'04 US) that starts with Venice Bienalle perf. 9/21 and will come through Milan , Berlin gig 9/23 , Amsterdam , Gent gig 9/28 (free / all ages) ,
Toulouse Cartier Foundation 9/30 and finishing in Paris 10/1 .
Looking forward to new music along the way
If anyone knows anything along those lines in Venice , please let me know !