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29-09-2005, 06:55 AM
Hi, I am a Merzbow fan. I have probably more than 50 Merzbow CD, and I want more. Indeed I just request on web 5 new Merzbow records.
People like me surely need help, so, i want to know if, in Dissensus, I'm alone having the Merzbow sickness or there are others withwhich can form, if not an interesting thread, a help group. Anyway, if anyone who is sane want to know more about Merzbow sickness, or want also to share his thought about, is welcome here.

Here is a Merzbow sample:

29-09-2005, 08:02 AM
Merz is rad. I think I have a Merzbow music video on here, I don't know I haven't seen it in awhile. It's a static-y looking gray video fir awhile, then it changes colors, and in the first few mintues you see the man himself rocking out. I'll try to find it if anyone cares.

P.S. = More threads like these on Dissensus plz thx.

john eden
29-09-2005, 08:47 AM
I'm selling the only merzbow record I own on ebay right now. I don't really have space in my life for that sort of thing any more... :(

29-09-2005, 11:41 AM
I struggle with Merzbow to be honest - he's momentarily awe-inspiring ("Music For Bondage Performance", "Batzoutai...", "Pulse Demon" and the incredible "24 Hours - A Day Of Seals") but too much of it just doesn't go anywhere. And I find his live performance a total bore.

What keeps you coming back for another hit, Francesco?

I'm a bigger fan of Incapacitants, Hijokaidan...

29-09-2005, 03:51 PM
Francesco, just curious, when do you listen to, or what is the context for your enjoyment of Merzbow? while you are working? driving? working out? meditating? having sex? or is listening to Merz it's own activity?

for me I only listen to some of the more subdued and (relatively) quieter recordings about once a year. maybe play a more abrasive record once every 2 years when I'm in an agitated state... or to show someone uninitiated. I like the older analog records better, when the demonic sound world was ever shifting. the new digital stuff has too much piercing highs for my liking... saw him live recently and fell asleep during the endlessly sustained high pitched whine tones.

29-09-2005, 04:07 PM
i have about 35 merzbow CDs- pretty much all from the early to mid-90s

13-10-2005, 07:42 AM
Francesco, just curious, when do you listen to, or what is the context for your enjoyment of Merzbow? while you are working? driving? working out? meditating? having sex? or is listening to Merz it's own activity?

What keeps you coming back for another hit, Francesco?

Girls does not love Merzbow, for what i know; does Kylie have sex with Merzbow in "Word and Music"? I seem to recall so, even if it was probably android metal on metal sex rubbing.
Merzbow muzak have a relaxing effect on my nervous system. Like with others sounds creators, the like of Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Aphex Twin, Keiji Haino, Feldman, electroacoustic Xenakis, etc. (note that those sounds creators, as opposed to songs creators, have often huge discographies) i listen maybe more like watching colours on a modern painting (all blak paintings in Haino Keiji case...). Sounds for the sake of sound, that you listen but can't exactly remember, nor strumming on a guitar. Images in Merzmuzak come to mind often as metal sandstorms, cloridic acid lakes, corroding salts, rusting discharges, mercury seas. OK, i have to be immerse in it. Being sounds addicted, just need another fix.

I don't consider Merzbow musick extreme at all, nor maybe noise at all (tested with all spectrums of volume), that's a big difference between him and Hijokaidan for example, who anyway are more a live act and on the records i have (maybe the wrong ones) sound to me flat (not that i don't like them anyway) while Masami everchangin frequency flow have great attention on the detailing of recording; he does live actions, but studio (or laptop this days) is his real environment.
It could seem heresy, but (quite!) every Merzbow release is different from the others (and in 20 years there had been various phases, often determined by change of gear and attitude). But just like my mother would not tell a difference between Stooges and Bon Jovi, or like who isn't in techno or gabba or blues will tell you it's all the same (which in a certain way is true, but not true enough, like a Miles Davis records is always a Miles Davis records, '50 or '60 or '70 or '80), to appreciate the differences you have to enter the masonic circle of cognoscenti.

1930 (tzadik)
Pulse Demon (relapse)
Batzutai with Material Gadgets (rrr)
Days of Seal (dirter)

john eden
04-10-2016, 12:34 PM
Saw him on Saturday at Café OTO and really enjoyed it. I quite like that the early releases were all sex dungeon trussed up women stuff and now he releases whole series of albums that are about birds (the animal variety with feathers) and is vegan and all that.

Also, what a great OP on this thread.