View Full Version : Noise Theory Noise 2 - Evaluation

22-11-2004, 05:35 PM
Those who went:- an appraisal and evaluation would be much appreciated as i couldn't make it. I went to the first one and thought that the discussion would really benefit from a follow up. How was the second conference? Did it depart from the somewhat semantic problematic of the first?? Also maybe a good place here to discuss the themes of noisetheorynoise (http://www.mdx.ac.uk/www/crmep/events/noise.htm) and to expand and develop ideas pertaining to noise in general

22-11-2004, 05:52 PM
without wanting to dish certain speakers my over-riding feeling was that the chairs of each session needed to liven things up a bit and in some cases actually do some 'chairing.' perhaps there were too many sessions and time was always pressing but I think a good chair draws the audience in even if the speaker doesn't.

Voeglin's notion of 'Blind Radio' (not related to anything visual) was interesting as was Wollscheid's quote 'Noise has no centre' and can become a field of experimentation.