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22-11-2004, 09:58 PM
In the last few years thanks heaven much of impossible to find jamaican music, from mento to dancehall, has been reissued on label like Trojan (they always have been reissuing it, but between boxsets and remastered collections they are flooding the market right now), Pressure Sounds, Soul Jazz, Blood & Fire and a few more. I haven't be able to buy all and I'm becoming a bit confused to what to pick next!!! Right now on my stereo there are in rotation Soul Jazz Studio One DiscoMix and one of Trojan double cd collections of King Tubby, In Fine Stile. Both are awesome. A double cd collection of Keith Hudson production is just been issued by Trojan (have to pick it). Also as someone listened to the VP collection of Channe One tracks recently issued? Is good? The '101' collection of dancehall on VP are great!
So what are your preferite reissue/collection? Want to talk abouit it a bit?


22-11-2004, 10:58 PM
You want to be looking at the Basic Replay and Wackies reissues from the Basic Channel boys - basicreplay.com, surf around from there. Utterly astonishing stuff, I'm bumping Horace's "Dance Hall Styles" as we speak...

23-11-2004, 08:54 AM
yeah all these reissues are a great thing. my fave of last year was the series of six glen brown 10" EPs. recently i was extremely tempted by pressure sounds "aquarius" set of herman chin-loy productions. the impact set is pretty excellent. also check out the VP recordings channel one collection (an almost improbably good set of classics). i didnt pick up the last three (i've got more reggae than i know what to with), but was sorely tempted. these reissues wont be around forever!!!

matt b
23-11-2004, 10:02 AM
any of the 4 comps on maximum pressure rules- they focus on post-sleng teng stuff, upto and including digital b/ xterminator from mid 90s. the winston riley/ techniques comp is absolutely wicked- quality all the way.

wayne jarrett's 'showcase' (wackies) is a really nice recent reissue- used to be called 'bubble up' all in discomix style, although the on-u style electric guitars don't sit well imo.

too much stuff, too much stuff...