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07-11-2005, 09:48 PM

Machine Funk Specialists!

19th November 2005
10:00pm till 03:00am
7/6 before 11:00pm

Special Guests: -
Dj: Radioactive Man (RGC, Control Tower, Two Lone Swordsmen)
Dj: Peter Mangalore (Human Shield Record Company)

Monthly Residents: -
Computer Controlled Djs & Mark Turner (The Orbit)

Visuals by CCTV and The Beards

The Attic, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5NP
T: 0161 2366071

More info @: www.computercontrolled.co.uk (http://www.computercontrolled.co.uk)
Contact us @: computercontrolledrecords@hotmail.com


Radioactive Man (Control Tower, Rotters Golf Club, Two Lone Swordsmen)

Keith Tenniswood has been the production driving force behind a variety of electronic music's most well known productions. As a teenager he frequented parties at London clubs such as 'Sabresonic' and 'The Drum Club' before meeting up with Andrew Weatherall and becoming the in-house engineer for his then project, 'The Sabres of Paradise'.

Having been an integral part of the Weatherall studio set-up every since, it seemed like a natural step that upon the demise of Sabres, Weatherall and Tenniswood emerged from the debris and formed their own production duo, 'The Two Lone Swordsmen'. In 1996 they released their first album together entitled 'The Fifth Mission - Return to the Flightpath Estate' on Weatherall's own Emissions imprint. The duo have since gone on to record for Warp Records, releasing 'Tiny Reminders' in 2000 and following this up with the critically acclaimed 'From the Double Gone Chapel' in 2004. Outside of the Swordsmen, Keith has leant his production talents to many members of the tight-knit dance music community. He's been credited by many, including David Holmes, Beth Orton, Primal Scream and Jon Carter, a testament to his all-encompassing production aptitude and musical open-mindedness.

His Radioactive Man alter ego is an outlet for his solo work and in 2001 he released his debut self-titled album on Weatherall's RGC label. The album received many plaudits and established him as a producer in his own right. Since then, the Radioactive Man project has gone from strength to strength. In 2003, Keith released a mix CD for the London superclub Fabric to critical acclaim, also putting out his eagerly anticipated follow-up album 'Booby Trap' on RGC in the same year, both of which helped to put him firmly on the electro map. He successfully debuted live at Barcelona's Sonar festival and has since gone on to tour Europe twice with Rotters Golf Club. Keith now fills his weekends playing records in the best underground clubs throughout the UK and overseas, still finding time to run the fast and furious dancefloor electro imprint 'Control Tower' which he co-runs with Simon 'The Dexorcist' Brown.

polystyle desu
09-11-2005, 03:18 PM
Much respect to Keith T , Two Lone Swordsmen and crew !
Thanx for the notice , as they don't seem to get mentioned much 'round here

15-11-2005, 08:05 PM
cheers dude... ;)