View Full Version : Fugari Party at Bar 87, this Wedneday, 11/16, 10 pm

15-11-2005, 09:29 PM
Hate to be going up against the "Pure Fire" party, but it's impossible to do a night in NYC w/o competing against somebody whose party you'd otherwise go to . . . . Of course, it's not in truth a competition, and we do different kinds of music anyway. We're just around corner from SubTonic, however, so hopefully we can have some synergy. Here's the details . . . .


the fugari (http://www.myspace.com/fugari_tribe) have found a new place to party. or rather, the place, bar 87 (www.87ludlow.com), has been around for a while, but it has new ownership and has undergone renovations. we've inspected the premises, and are convinced of its potential for all-night parties. the space has two floors, including a basement, and is well designed. had we taken notes, we could perhaps describe the interior in more detail. but memory fails . . . .

so you'll have to take it on trust, you'll love this space.

beginning this wednesday, november 16th, we'll be throwing parties there. a party this week, then we're gonna skip next week b/c at least some of us have conventional families (as distinguished from tribal blood), and then weekly parties. again, wednesday is the night.

should things go well -- which means the likes of you turning up and supporting the enterprise -- we'll start having lock-in parties. the difference b/w a lock-in party and an after party is that an after party doesn't start until 4 am, whereas a lock-party starts like any normal party, say, 10 pm, but then spirals out of control, until there's no escape -- until, like, 8 in the morning or so. think of it as punishment or reward, depending upon your orientation and threshold. however, should a party prove sober and boring, then we'll be out the door when the clock strikes 4 . . . .

so that's the proposition, if you want to party all night, then that means party all night. no showing up at 4 am nonsense, fresh as a daisy -- or, what is worse, having ruined your health elsewhere.

for the first few parties, we'll gather in the basement only. renochild aka magnegro man of steel (http://www.myspace.com/renochild) is the dj for the first party. expect sasa (http://www.codek.com/index.html) to dj in later weeks, in addition to renochild. bring your dancing shoes, b/c there's room to dance. also, bring cigarettes and whatever else you wish. (rules do not apply, only the desires of the tribe.) should we pack-out the basement, we'll expand the party to the first floor.

sadly, we're gonna charge $5 on the door, b/c aside from organizing parties and playing records, we're idle and shiftless. therefore, we need the money. we like to think that we provide a valuable service, however, and hope that you agree.

BAR 87 is located at -- ????? -- 87 Ludlow, a half block south of Delancey, on the west side of the street. Look for the black flag that says, "87." Again, first party is this Wednesday, November 16th, at 10 pm.



RonDre Show at The Porch 11/21 and Laurie w/ Uncles at Maia 11/17

While Magnegro MoS and Cosmo Wingtip focus on the BAR 87 party, Fidel Bistro and Soul Brother #4 are throwing their own weekly party, beginning this Monday, 11/21, at The Porch on Avenue C. (Cheef Kimosabe has his hands in both cookie jars.)

It's called the RonDre Show, and has had previous incarnations at Nublu and Lotus on the LES. Expect a steady downtown-at-3-am vibe, as opposed to Magnegro's uptempo sound.

The tandem cover many genres. House music from labels like Codek and Congotronics; rock music from bands like Blonde Redhead and LCD Soundsystem; hip hop, both underground and vaguely commercial; reggae in all its guises; “Black Steel” by Tricky; rare disco, funk, soul; “Everybody Everybody” by Black Box, “Poem” by Bobby Konders. Cosmopolitanism that isn’t rootless. Something is at stake.

ALSO, Fidel's former roommate and longtime Fugari-ally Laurie is throwing a party this Thursday, 11/17, at Maia, which is at 98 Avenue B, b/w 6th and 7th Streets. Laurie is throwing the party with her uncles, which means you can expect first-rate reggae and dancehall music (old and new sounds) and very cool people.

Again, the RonDre Show will take place every Monday at the Porch, 115 Avenue C, b/w 7th and 8th Streets, 10 pm, no cover.