View Full Version : pure fire NYC grime WEDS/i'm on the radio FRI

15-11-2005, 10:38 PM
first things first, yes Weds. is again PURE FIRE at subtonic from 9pm-late, where we spin grime/crunk/reggaeton/dancehall/jungle/miami bass etc etc etc...

this week, i will def. be grime heavy, b/c i am basically rehearsing my set for WNYU on friday night.

i'm doing lots of blends and mixes, trying to mix US hip hop with grime... i've got a few i'm really proud of, don't wanna give away too much... one of 'em is the acapella from "diamonds" by slim thug over Eskimo (i'm using the one from Shanghai, can't remember which number that is...)...

anyways, i'm very psyched about both things, so please come down...

pure fire

with peter gunn, reaganomics, criterion


@ subtonic
106 norfolk

and you can find the listening links for WNYU here:


i'm on friday from 10:30pm-1am (saturday morning) EST.