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30-11-2004, 09:18 PM

this site is about my friend's film - Wild West

Beautifully photographed in widescreen 16mm, Wild West, an experimental documentary, tells the real story of this mythical land:

Once upon a time, Native people could talk to rocks, animals, plants and the elements. As an archetypal wounded healer, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, Corbin Harney, still has this knowledge.

From a series of interviews, Corbin leads us back, circles through the sagebrush, remembering a time of balance and harmony. Survival in these vast Great Basin deserts, was dependent then, on intuition, cooperation and communication with spirit. Everybody talked at that time.

Then came the European settlers: the genocide, the miners, the cowboys, the nuclear experimenters, the government. They poisoned the land, rounded people up, killed the animals and plants, polluted the water...and they’re still at it.

But some people are trying to heal the land, putting in time to sing the life back. Some people are talking to the water.

Wild West tells it how it is.

check this clip (