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polystyle desu
22-03-2006, 07:46 PM
I see news today about the coyote in NYC

Yea, it was a traveling creature for sure .
made it into town by crossing an Amtrak bridge across the Harlem River.
Eluded uniforms until today when it got shot in the butt with a sleeper dart ,
transported back upstate .
Must have walked along the tracks for a looong way or jumped them and came into town for a casual little dog , stray or bird dinner .

We know LA's got 'em , but pretty rare for NYC !

23-03-2006, 01:27 AM
"coyotes, by nature, typically avoid human contact".

what a sensible animal!

polystyle desu
23-03-2006, 12:26 PM
He was avoiding them yesterday ,
the cops were huffing and puffing , helicopters above ,
yups and old ladies moving their little dogs out the way
while the coyote ran and ran and swam a bit in Central Park pond .
I had been telling friends who live in Inwood (up 'round 200th St. in Manhattan) that it was possible
and to keep their cats inside , so i was interested in figuring out / hearing how he got in town.
The current can be strong coming round the top of the island so i thought a swim across was maybe a bit too much to imagine , someone in the Times article today thot it could have ridden in in a trash truck , but that was farfetched (!).
They were shooting a movie in the Park , an actress in a wig doing figure 8's on the Wollman Ice Rink
as the coyote ran by ...
The 1 year old had possibly been run out of it's own area upstate by older coyotes who supposedly turn out the young males this time of year ,
came down through green areas until he made a left turn from West side and over into the Park.
He seemed fine after waking up in the bk of a Park's truck heading upstate again ...

28-03-2006, 08:22 PM
my very very pregnant sister was evidently interviewed on tv about this

she said something to the effect, "coyotes are considered predators. they prey upon small dogs"

had i been asked, i would have said, "coyotes are one of the few carnivorous creatures to have adapted to modern mankind successfully"

polystyle desu
30-03-2006, 04:21 PM
Something's got to prey on those 'small dogs' he he
Aww Where was Paris H 's pooch when it was needed ...

In the coyote's saga , there is ref. to the coyote checking out one dog walkers small white poodle,
prolly barking like mad at the wild one.
'Just one bite' ' You can't eat just one' , chomp and scratch one lil pooper.

polystyle desu
01-04-2006, 12:33 AM
And now I see that the coyote died yesterday before it could be released upstate ...
As the Park people were going to tag him before release the creature ' stopped breathing'