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24-10-2004, 08:14 AM
(blast of trumpets) I'm really delighted to announce that the one and only Logan Sama, arguably Grime's most important DJ, and the man behind London's biggest vocal track show has signed up to Dissensus. Logan, the insider's insider, has very kindly agreed to answer questions about the state of Grime and where he percieves it going right here. Treat the dude with the respect he deserves! Over to you peeps.....don't be scared!

24-10-2004, 09:31 AM
...and here's one from me! Why on earth hasn't the scene got it together to put out a good compilation? Back in the day we had Suburban Base's Breakdown compilations of jungle tunes that covered all the labels, and Locked On put out the great 2step ones. They were great for the fans AND for people outside the scene (crucially people abroad). I'll wager jungle's strength abroad is probably 75% to do with the fact that there was a good compilation of the best tracks available.

24-10-2004, 10:36 AM
this will probably be the first of many questions so i'll ask the simple one first

1. Is Logan Sama and DJ Logan (as in the 'Logan & Faction G' mixes from 1extra-rinse etc that i have and highly regard) the same bloke....


24-10-2004, 11:38 AM
some questions...

1. what mcs/producers should we be looking out for in 2005?
2. has dizzee left the scene and if so is he making a mistake??
3. when can we expect artists from outside the south east to break through/and any early ideas of who?
4. what is your tune of 2004?
5. bruzer v crazy titch (lord of the mics) - who merked you?

24-10-2004, 12:01 PM
his records we're a right breath of fresh air, what's he up to now and will farmer yardie ever make a reappearance? :)

Logan Sama
24-10-2004, 03:15 PM
(blast of trumpets) I'm really delighted to announce that the one and only Logan Sama, arguably Grime's most important DJ, and the man behind London's biggest vocal track show has signed up to Dissensus. Logan, the insider's insider, has very kindly agreed to answer questions about the state of Grime and where he percieves it going right here. Treat the dude with the respect he deserves! Over to you peeps.....don't be scared!

That was far too grandiose an introduction. I didn't even want an introduction at all. :confused:

First question: Regarding compilations....

679 (The label which signed Kano and currently houses The Streets) is compiling a compilation with Journalist Martin Clark comprising of vocal grime tunes featuring mcs and singers. No release date as yet, but when i find out I'll let you know. There's a tracklisting floating around somewhere.

EMI have a compilation in the works also, and Relentless are planning a mixed cd.

In terms of getting stuff as early as possible in a listener friendly format... it's all about the mixtapes and dvds. These can be purchased online from www.uptownrecords.com and www.rhythmdivision.co.uk

Look out for Target's "Aim High Volume 2" in late November. It's a compilation/mixtape for the underground featuring every big name in the scene.

originaldrum: Yes, that's me on the sets recorded which I believe are available on p2p networks featuring Faction G on both Rinse and 1xtra. I believe there's audio floating about of a set I did with Roll Deep (minus wiley) on Rinse as well.

1. In 2005 I would look out for mainstream success from producers such as Terror Danjah, Danny Weed, Target and Davinche as well as the usual names of Wiley and Dizzee. In terms of underground up n comers, look out for P Jam, Dexplicit, Ripperman, Big E D, Scratchy D (Roll Deep), Mikey J (who has done a lot of production on Kano's album) and who knows who else will emerge in the enxt 12 months. That's why i love this music. It moves so fast anyone could be massive in the space of 1 month.

2. Dizzee is an artist, and by his nature he is always going to go in his own direction just like Wiley goes in his own direction. Dizzee's path took him into the mainstream and working on music which is getting further away from the underground all the time, but the heart and soul of his music is firmly rooted to the underground scene, so he can't ever really leave, because this is what he loves. I can see him making more albums which sound further away from Grime, but he'll never leave.

3. Artists from areas such as Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and Wolves all have talent. It's just whether their sound and accent can be accepted by the average listener. A lot of the problem with marketing grimey MC's to the public is the inaccessible slang. And this is a block between the south east, and mc's from other regions. their language and slang is different, so it isn't as easy to appreciate their lyrics. I can see a national scene growing, much like the hip hop scene in america, where artists have localised success in certain regions, and a select few might move on to national success.

4. My tune of 2004 was Wot Do U Call It? I think it served a great purpose in educating the media about what we do. The video was great as well because it showed a real insight into the culture of the music, not just the sound. And a scene thrives on the marketing of it's culture, not it's actual music.

5. Crazy titch I think ended up winning that one in the end. But Bruza had him on the ropes, so to speak. And the footage on Lord Of The Mics was also edited heavily.

mms: Donae'o has a vast swathe of tracks vocalled and is waiting on the right time to put together a project to get them out. With Social Circles currently going through some serious restructuring, I don't know what his situation is regarding a contract, but I know he is working with his crew Artilla Camp on mixtapes and singles.

simon silverdollar
24-10-2004, 03:21 PM
shit, am i too late for this? hope not.

my questions for logan:
-how did you get to where you are today? in a previous post you mentioned that you grew up in essex listening to rock, so just wondering how you ended up as a big grime DJ with, it seems, links to everyone who's big in the scene.
-do you know when roll deep's 'creeper' mixtape is out?

Logan Sama
24-10-2004, 03:29 PM
I was a listener to music in general, and in 1997 when i first heard the UK Garage sound through pirates that I could barely pick up in Essex, I started to go shopping, buying records to play on my single turntable on my old man's stack system.

In 2000 I bought some second hand belt drives from my school friend and a 50 pound mixer and began learning, after spending time watching and istening to various big name dj's pass through various different events and venues.

I got offered a set on Rinse by one of the management in June 2002 and have been on the station ever since. I put my connections down to the reputation garnered through playing on such a prestigious professional station, and also my genuine appreciation of the music as a fan who happens to have a radio show.

I think people have a confused idea of this scene. Asa dj myself, all I do is have a show on a pirate radio once a week. it is no more than anyone else out there right now. I have no bookings as there is no club scene for the music I play. The vocal side of things hasn't developed it's own identity in club land.

And Creeper Volume 1 is coming out on the 32nd of Neveruary. ;) I don't know, Wiley has never got round to putting out the first one, but when he does the next 4 will follow in quick succession no doubt.

24-10-2004, 04:19 PM
It's interesting you say that about the vocal tunes not having their own identity in clubs, because it's always seemed to me like it isn't really club music anymore, it's more like radio music, which I guess makes it street music, literally. Do you see the more r'n b side of grime like davinche and terror danjah being a return to a more club-based sound?

Logan Sama
24-10-2004, 04:45 PM
Well Hip Hop and Dancehall both have places in clubs. Even the fully thugged out tunes have a strong club tradition, so to say it isn't club music would be wrong. Now if you were to say it wasn't Dance music, I'd probably agree.

24-10-2004, 06:23 PM
Ez Logan.

- What's the name of that Trim track based at a hiphop tempo with the lovely eastern sounding flute line running all the way through it?

- Is there going to be a full length Ruff Sqwad LP?

- What the hell's all that stuff about a N.A.S.T.Y LP with a CD of old-skool?! I love ukg as much as anyone but leave it out! Is Terror Danjah on the production of the grime side of things for them?

- What is 'waste paper pants'?

24-10-2004, 07:03 PM
hi Logan -

- are you same Logan what was active on Uptown message board from back in day?

- also, are there a fair number of anthems (well known or otherwise - that is, top man faves) that never made it to the shops (or ultra-limited)? if so, which ones do you rate most or know are in highest demand

good on you for stickin' with it and breaking thru as a name

Logan Sama
25-10-2004, 12:55 AM

That Trim track is called "Time's Tickin Away" and was produced by Jamma. I don't think it will ever come out as it is unfinished.

There isn't a planned Ruff Sqwad LP or Nasty Crew LP. They will both be dropping mixtapes/compilations for the streets. Nasty's is due out soon. There's news about it on Rwdmag.com's front page somwehere.

Ruff Sqwad's Mixtape is called Guns n Roses vol.1. I've been playing cuts off it on my show on Rinse for a couple of weeks now.

A "Waste Paper Pants" is someone who is always letting themselves and others down.


Yep, I still use Uptown from time to time.

I'd say the biggest tune to never come out is either Sticky ft. Joy - Beggin' To Stay... but I have heard a rumour it is being talked about, or the Eskimo vocal mix.

25-10-2004, 03:57 AM
1. What are your feelings on dubplate culture and the effect it has on the ability for new and up and coming dj's and crews being able to break through - do you think that grime could go a la drum n bass real quick and virtually lock down avenues for up n comings to get recognition ?

2. what does it mean to "get air" - i still don't know?

3. what did you think of this whole "fake" slimzee debacle, what could the implications be for music being shared on msn etc, and even though there are some big fingers being pointed - who do you think the real "fake" slimzee is ?

4. Ruff Sqwad? Who are their main producers?, do you think they get the attention they deserve, do you think their style is developed as an extention of the wiley, danny weed, eastern sound, or maybe something from another planet - (there is a lot of support for ruff sqwad on this forum and i am one of em)
do you think there will be any delays in getting the guns n roses mixtape on road and if so when you see them next can you tell them to get a wiggle on

5. on the risky roads trailer there is a scene of crazy t showing someone on his mobile - people are saying a lot of things - is there a real story behind this or is it all crap (don't answer if not comfortable)

25-10-2004, 09:31 AM
I thought Crazy merked it too - especially as bruzer was boyed up

Talking of Crazy T sn't there talk of a 'conflict' dvd prequal coming out? I love the first, though not particularly bothered about the bit where dizzee and crazy go all italian, just the 35 minutes before when you have footage 6 or so of the top boy mcs on top of their game, riding a storming karnage set on deja (in what looks like a storage room on top of a stratford car park?)...its much better than any of the 'lord of the...' dvds

25-10-2004, 08:58 PM
Many thanks to Logan Sama for taking the time to answer these questions and a personal apology for the clearly innappropriate boombastic intro.

I'll forward the final two sets of questions by bun-u and original drum to Logan and see if I can't get some answers for you gents, if I can I'll post them here. In the meantime this thread is closed.

See if you can pick up Logan's Sidewinder Bonus CD, available (for free) in some of London's better shops and don't forget to tune in to Logan's show on Friday evening between 7-9pm on Rinse 103.3 FM. Seriously, it's the best show for the on the dial for vocals.

26-10-2004, 02:25 PM
that titch thing is from a dvd which hasn't even come out yet i think. he had a reputation as a nuttnutt long before he was an mc. hence crazy. i would assume thats all real though i got no idea who it is on the phone.

Diggedy Derek
28-10-2004, 08:25 PM
No questions from me, but I second that recommendation for Logan's Sidewinder mix bonus CD. You can listen to it at Eskibeat.co.uk (go to audio, then mixes).

Been listening to that non stop for a week. Logan, the ragga vocals on some of those rhythms are absolutely fierce. Massive respect!