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07-02-2005, 09:38 AM


Annie,Molvær,Myerz,Magnet,Biosphere,Satyricon:Fabr ic noggie-night 3 Mar
Thursday 3rd March at Fabric in London, the night before the "Run the Road" launch.

I'll promise to not pester you with Norwegian acts doing London-gigs: but this is a
massive show of strength and depth, and I reckon tickets will be going fast.

Everything from Satyricon to Annie, a rare UK showing of
Biosphere, the Molvær/Jan Bang/DJ Strangefruit combo, Myerz, Wesseltoft etc etc.
Annie is listed as one of the DJs(?). Should be good and probably one of the most seriously mixed crowds
to be seen ever (from diplomats/culture-attache types to Satyricon-fans). The show will be recorded for BBC Radio One.


The full line-up is now ready, including diverse acts such as Satyricon, Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvær, WE, DJ Ralp Myerz, Annie, Kango’s Stein Massive, Magne F, Bjørn Torske, Magnet, Nils Noa, g-HA, King Midas, special guests acts and many many more.

magnet has ticket info - the first link conveniently linking to both this and the Run the Road show.
Ness Rowlah

polystyle desu
17-02-2005, 07:15 PM
That's a nicely mixed lineup ...
Cheers for mixed tribes, massives , crews

22-02-2005, 07:23 AM
if you want any info or obscurantia on norwegian artists, just ask me....
-i've been into local electronic music since it first grew out of tromsø with biosphere etc.
-sorry to say a lot of it isn't that inventive, but at least there seems to be a growing sense of community and independence in the different "scenes", so maybe some of the younger ones will do something brilliant one day... anyway. just ask and i'll be happy to help, list records/labels or whatever.

04-03-2005, 08:59 AM
massive promotion for this. i even got a free cd given to me in soul jazz.

04-03-2005, 10:38 AM
i think sunkissed is kind of mainstream/a tiny bit cheesy house dj's, but i might be wrong.
i don't like house anyways, so usually steer away from their clubnights.
but i don't think they're "bad" or anything, just my personal perference... ;) (house is a no-no) :confused:

[ EDIT: duh...didn't read the line-up in your first post...gah. -still, the dj's listed are all house dj's, afaik...i'm not particularly keen on any of them, but they are decent people, and it might be fun.]
EDIT2: oh, it was yesterday...?? mwahhhahahahah... :D :o pardon..]

Ness Rowlah
13-03-2005, 04:23 AM
[ EDIT: duh...didn't read the line-up in your first post...gah. -still, the dj's listed are all house dj's, afaik...i'm not particularly keen on any of them, but they are decent people, and it might be fun.]

Yeah - agree on the DJs. But that's not why I went (with the possible exception of having a look at Annie).
The "rawk" was great: Satyricon (how their heads still stick to their bodies is a mystery - we are not
talking headbanging, but head-unscrewing here), WE and Turbonegro (the stupidiest effing name ever -
it does not matter what the "intention" of the name is - it's awful) were all good. Satyricon at their
speediest actually almost sounded like dance music to me (Faithless or something).

I seriously struggled with the ambient stuff in between - I love Biosphere and I like Molvær: but
after seeing and hearing the thunder from the heavy rock bands (and Turbo is a hell of a band) -
I just could not re-adjust.

Wibutee were a new group to me - I liked them a lot (modern jazz, with good hornblower - probably
all educated at some jazz academy - but i still liked them).

Not sure about Frost (good voice and use of kitchen utensils though).

Most of the rest I did not see more than 5 minutes of ...

The DJs looked cool with "artist-glasses" and all - but what I heard did not really impress me
(with the exception of Strangefruit playing with Molvær, to be fair I did not really listen for long to the
others;although I listened to half-a-set).

Wibutee, Molvær and possibly Biosphere all seemed to have trouble with their Macs on stage
- not the greatest of sights.

There was no co-ordination between the stages - ie when there was a break on stage 1
there seemed to be a break on stage 2 as well ... Pants.

all in all an OK event (could not go to those grime dos though,worked on Friday night) -
but I had a hell of more fun seeing Gin Palace/San Francisco earlier in the week
(probably because I was pissed ...)