View Full Version : Lethem's "The Fortress of Solidtude"

26-10-2004, 03:29 PM
Anyone read it? Any thoughts? I liked it a lot and wanted to discuss when it was out in hardback, but nobody bit.

I would think there would be some interest in these circles, given that the main character turns out to be (SPOILER ALERT) a rock critic.

30-10-2004, 12:00 AM
I liked it lot. Although it got very bad reviews in the mainstream press in the U.K. And some of the objections were, I think, justified: sloppy similies and narrative implosion. But ballacks to that, its a marvellous, conflicted and honest evocation of a white boy's love of black music in Brooklyn in the 70s.
A novel that will stand, for better or worse, as a record of the perplexities and joys of cultural difference. And its got superannuated superheroes in it. A sight better than Dave effin Eggars.