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jonny mugwump
04-05-2009, 05:17 PM
sorry if this has been asked before...

i use ableton for composition, mixing etc and need to know of a decent wave editor for the mac. audacity is incredibly restricted and i there's no cool edit or sound forge for mac either right?

any ideas- what do people use round here. i'm utterly broke but it's becoming essential so, bring it on i guess :slanted:

04-05-2009, 07:34 PM
I use Amadeus Pro for simple stuff like recording in vinyl / quick edits:

Affordable Alternatives -

Wave Editor:

Twisted Wave:

Getting More Expensive -

DSP Quatro:

Peak left off on purpose ;)

I've never used Cool Edit or Soundforge so I'm not sure which features they're best for, but as I understand there's no universally accepted substitute for the Mac.

All of the above apps have demo periods, so you should be able to do a quick evaluation.

05-05-2009, 07:44 PM
Why not edit in Ableton?

Peak is quite good though but overpriced.
If you can get hold of old versions and have an OS9 Mac, they are much more stable and better IMO.