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27-06-2009, 01:56 PM
To this day I've not found any more immediately joyful piece of software for music composition than the mighty Buzz (http://buzzmachines.com/).

I recorded pretty much all of Speaks Your Weight (http://www.codepoetics.com/wtrem/speaks_your_weight/) using it, some years ago, and have recently been using it again to do new stuff - see here (http://codepoetics.com/SpiralJacobs/Venomenology/tenterhooks.mp3) (groinchy doom noises) and here (http://www.codepoetics.com/globes_of_venus/unclejoe.mp3) (cheery synth pop) for examples, which should give you some idea of the versatility of the thing.

It also runs quite happily on the old IBM Thinkpad I lug up and down on the train to London each day, which is a bonus.

The best things about it are:

* The immediacy of "tracker"-style pattern programming
* The huge number of synths and effects - my favourites are FSM's Infector synth, and the PanzerDelay ping-ponging/filtering delay unit
* The total routability of everything - you can split an effects chain at any point, or route loads of things into the same distortion unit, as if you were jacking real boxes into each other
* That it's free, which in 1999-2000 was still a major concern for me...

polystyle desu
08-07-2009, 05:06 AM
Looks - and sounds interesting ...

09-07-2009, 08:35 AM
Yes, it's a wonderful thing. I've been using it since about 98/99 and I donated when Oskaris harddrive crashed in 2000/2001(?)
I think it's amazing how it survived the standstill in development until Oskari started programming for it again last year, in most cases that would be the death of a software.