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Thread: Tory bastards

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    So the deal is that the Ballyban have pledged to support the Tories in Commons votes but are not officially part of the government - so they still don't actually have a majority. Is there a precedent for this, and how long can it go on for? Is May going to attempt to limp along for another five years like this?

    Also, who has the power to bring about an early election? Does it have to the PM, or can an opposition leader suggest it and put it to a vote? If the latter, do you reckon enough moderate/Europhile Tories might rebel to pass the vote?

    Edit: says here if a government (presumably meaning a majority) can't be formed following a No Confidence vote (which ousted Callaghan and brought in the first Thatcher government in 1979), or if a supermajority of 2/3 of MPs vote in favour of one.
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    I don't think there is a precedent. 1974 obviously in the same ball park, but no such agreement made.

    Tory MPs openly saying that May won't stay in for five years, but offering little more than that by way of precision. Once the DUP deal blows up in her face, surely May will be toast. Who the fuck is going to be her replacement though - the realistic candidates are dropping like flies. This man is the bookies' favourite, which says it all. And second fave Philip Hammond would make the 'zombie Prime Minister' assessment unnervingly literal.

    I imagine some of it will depend on public mood - surely there's only so long a minority government can limp on without any real power, if the public is baying for a new election? Even if there's no formal no-confidence vote. Not sure though, the whole situation is baffling me...

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