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Thread: Tory bastards

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    I keep seeing this today... you realise that the people who are in control, or at least are picking those in control have totally fucking lost it. Brexit has broken their tiny minds.
    It's pretty scary that an illegitimate and insane vote to leave the EU which no longer commands a majority is being forced through by an insane party which also no longer commands a majority. Both of these things are in such a precarious position that the vested interests clinging on to power won't go to the country and ask if they still want them (and thus gain the mandate and majority they need to do it properly) - cos they know that it doesn't. The upshot, we are led by people we don't like into doing something we don't want and that everyone who knows anything about it says will be a disaster.
    which seems quintessentially British, possibly the most British thing that has ever happened. We're doing it whether anyone likes it or not - because we said we would.

    there's also some link to the puritanism thread here. excess and denial both in crazed full effect, moderate sane pleasure/considerations of the 'good life' absolutely nowhere to be seen.
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