Sorry if this has come up in one of the other threads and I missed it, but has anyone heard Murs' verses on the topic of white people into hip-hop on the track 'And this is for'? The track's on his album with 9th Wonder, '3:16'.

Pretty good I reckon, fairly equivocal in that he's acknowledging that probably most of his audience is white and he has worked with a large number of white people in hip-hop... he's mainly just sounds like he's thinking out loud, which is a plus in my mind, but he's basically putting the record straight about what he reckons the boundaries lie with how much an insider can understand what it's like being an outsider.

I could look at transcribing some lyrics if anyone's interested, can't find any evidence of them online at the mo.

As an aside, I read an interview with him on some UK hip-hop site where he was saying that grime was the best thing about UK hip-hop. Not wanting to re-open the debate on whether it is hip-hop, but if the "UK hip-hop" scene is as purist as people seem to be suggesting on here then that's a pretty funny slap in the face.