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Thread: How the World Sees England

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    Baboon, I'm a supervisor at a Citizens Advice Bureau, before that I was a benefits caseworker. I know the iniquities of the DWP and HMRC inside out; I've written plenty of tribunal submissions challenging inept or cursory capability for work assessments, or pernicious JSA sanctions. I'm not defending any of these sorts of things, although they are defensible in a lot of cases, I'm just questioning the hyperbolic claim that the benefits system has been eviscerated.

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    ah ok. Interesting if no doubt often depressing work. - obviously these type of cases are arising way more often (i.e. more than never) than would be true of system that was working in any way. So whether or not we say that benefits have been eviscerated or not, clearly the emphasis has shifted to denying benefits wherever possible (those leaked jobcentre memos from a few years back), and in this targeting the especially vulnerable. Obviously the existence of food banks also show that the system ain't working, and is ideologically motivated. And workfare blah blah blah - the headlines on this are interesting, tho' not read the whole report yet. At least maternity leave is reasonable in the uk.
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