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Thread: rolling tv thread

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    Dear That Guy,
    I wasn't trying to judge it on clips, certainly. I'll try the first series, it's a sound suggestion.
    I misspoke in saying that I was mystified by the appeal of the Sopranos - I got what it was trying to do, but didn't think it was that clever or emotionally engaging. A good, well-made show for sure, but that's all.

    Not into Victorian novels, so maybe it won't be my thing. Six Feet Under is still my pick for the gold standard of US TV drama - it had its problems but regularly touched genius. Obviously the Wire is a very different kind of show, as you say.
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    Sopranos was unimpeachable apart from when it dragged a bit in the unwisely extended last season, IMO. It was all about the characters and it did that brilliantly.

    Never watched The Wire.

    Any love for House Of Cards? I like it but apparently Spacey won't be in the next series. Even before his disgrace, though, I wonder if the show's wind had been taken out of its sails by being overtaken by real life.
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    David Simon is a bit of a twat, too, btw. I follow him on Twitter so I know.

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    i finally saw twin peaks the return. it started off promisingly, then became interminable (as drawn out as any recent prequel-sequel really), then found some threads of coherence in the last 5-6 episodes. i dont think it needed to be 18 hours, though when it finally ended, i did start to see the rest in a different, slightly more positive light, but im still pretty sure, that despite some good scenes and moments, it was massively padded out, like most modern american dramas. then again, maybe its designed just to upend the modern tv audience's ideas of watching modern 'prestige' tv, which it did, but on the WTF scale of david lynchs older stuff, the WTF factor was kind of middling. its like faded WTF-ery. they should have given him some money to make a film without a connection to a tv series he probably doesnt really care much about anymore.

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