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Thread: Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo View Post
    While I can believe the survey findings, this guy sounds like he's taking the piss.
    He's a pretty weird guy - but I'm afraid he's definitely for real.

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    For many people, the days of wandering into a store, browsing the shelves, and walking out with music stored on plastic are a distant memory. In Japan, however, the CD is still king.

    Globally, 39% of all music sales are physical CDs and vinyl, but in Japan, the figure is double that. It helps make Japan the world’s second biggest music market, selling more than ¥254 billion ($2.44 billion) worth of music a year—most of it in the form of CDs.

    Feeding that demand are 6,000 music stores, according to an estimate from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). To put that in context, the US is the world’s largest music market in terms of revenue, but has about 1,900 old-fashioned music stores, according to Almighty Music Marketing. Germany, the third biggest market, has only around 700 stores.

    Japan’s odd consumer behavior is a prime example of the Galapagos syndrome, a business term that takes its name from Darwinian evolutionary theory. It explains how the country’s geography, history, and culture have come together to create a love for a technology that the rest of the world has all but forgotten.

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    Hmm it depends on the style of music you are intending to spin I guess....

    I ve been a Jungle soldier all my (music loving) life and if I still fancied spinning, I would have shitloads of decent jungle/dnb stuff for vinyl spinning these days. I follow the new vinyl prelistening clips on redeye again for a while now and there's plenty of buyworthy new/current stuff.

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    UKG appears to be heavily effected by discogs banning sale of 'unofficial' releases. Fair enough covering their own back on people doing wholesale bootleg runs or whatever but its a bit much going after tunes from 1999 that made often brilliant use of acapellas and more often with major label encouragement. Not the end of world and probably beneficial from a digging perspective if you're so inclined but the nature of 2step in that era and its flirtation with mainstream seems to leave it particularly vulnerable to this kind of thing

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    our own blackdown on "the case for and against vinyl in 2018":


    So there we are: listeners don’t buy or listen to vinyl in meaningful volumes; most DJs don’t DJ with it. People chat rubbish about vinyl but it’s a smokescreen: they don’t really get their wallets out anymore - with almost all recent Keysound releases the vinyl loses money and the digital makes up for it.

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    miss Selectadisc in Nottingham, city had Rubber Neck, Arcade, Funky Monkey & i think they're all gone

    Fergus @ Selectadisc was the epitome of a record shop cunt, with the added bs of being a decade or so older than the usual punters he kept playing his happy fkn hardcore rather than to seems more appropriate due to the sheer belligerence of turning up the shop volume when you were trying to crane your ears at the turntables

    one of the best stores with one of the biggest gimps doing their best to ruin it

    *looks @ Juno wishlist*

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