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    Quote Originally Posted by baboon2004 View Post
    D'you ever see one of the various docus on the Spassky-Fischer match (to me one of the great sporting match-ups of all time, up there with Ali-Foreman, McEnroe-Borg etc)?
    I've got the C H O'D Alexander book that came out at the time which is very interesting. Reasonably detailed analysis of both the chess and the buildup.

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    I've been playing chess against the computer this week whilst having lunch, and keep getting trounced. I used to be quite good when I was younger, and I still think my middle-game and endings are decent - y'know, forks, pins, skewers, sacrifices for position, all that good stuff. I know to check after each move the computer makes for things like: is one of my pieces under threat? Where is the computer's piece going next? Has that move freed up another of the computer's pieces? Despite all this, though, I keep losing. Aside from the things discussed upthread about the mathematical capabilities of the computer and how it will inevitably outplay a human, I have deduced that it's because I'm crap at openings. I always default to e2-e4 to get something in the centre and free up a bishop, and invariably the computer dicks me via clever use of knights. Even the fianchetto is met with smug indifference by the all-powerful black army. (And yes, I know computers can't be smug, and I'm projecting, but it feels that way.)

    So... am I going to have to learn all the different openings and then appropriate counter-strategies? Any tips? I recall there being a Sicilian Defence and various 'gambits' but is there anything obvious I could try to outfox the wily CPU?

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    A minority interest of course, but the Carlsen-Caruana World Championship match has just burst into life, with two particularly peculiar games. Fascinating - it's as though the ubiquity of supercomputers have made human masters search for really weird lines solely in order to deviate from the prepared lines (up to 20 moves and beyond sometimes) that are now so easy to come up with if you have the machines. It's reinvigorated the whole game for me, watching this match - maybe it only happens at WC level where the competitors are obscenely well-prepared, but it looks like marking an AI-enforced transition of the game into something Other. Almost as if we could go forward and back to a digital version of the sharpness and spectator-pleasing cut-throatness of 19th century chess, which is what invigorates most beginners to fall in love with the game in the first place.

    Plus Carlsen is pleasingly egomaniacal, like a more self-aware Federer:

    and Caruana likes hip hop, which is relevant somehow.

    The live feed is engagingly odd too . The male half of the presenting duo would probably fit well on a Jordan Peterson undercard in terms of vibe, if not views.
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