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Thread: Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

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    still haven't changed my mind that this is a poor mans bleep and bass, and less rhythmically sophisticated, the only way this can evolve is a basier version of hard house tbh. northern hardcore was at least dark and minimal with rib shaking bass, the bass on this stuff is static and clean, not deep. it's well produced but it doesn't shake the walls, it's eq'd just right to punch through a funktion 1 and little else, whereas some of those old bleep tunes still make the speakers vibrate from the sheer gravitational force.

    weirdly i seem to becoming a digger of old dubbstep, jungle/footwork failures etc, and of course proper American house and hard techno. but the bass continuum has pretty much fizzled out for me. even modern dancehall (the daddy genre) has totally severed itself from the classic reggae lineage of the 80s. it's basically sean paul with global esperanto pop aesthetics. I'm sure I can find some crazy fucked up deep tech if i go looking for it i just doubt its champions on here like dominic and continuum are interested in turning me onto the alienating anti-pop appeal stuff. a lesson against excessive poptimism, it leads to tech house.
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