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does this scene still exist? is it back underground?

also: great tags on this thread.
i went to house of silk in april 2017 in great suffolk st warehouse, having not gone to a deep tech night before then for maybe a year or so. i went with a guy who was interested in the scene for the reasons that ppl were talking about in here, no coverage on the big websites despite it (still) being a sell out night in london.

to me it seemed like the crowd and the vibe had changed quite a lot from the days of the coronet. there was wayyyy more young ppl there than i remembered at previous ones, like just turned 18-19 kinda vibe. seemed like surburban kids too, shotter bags and TNs. white kids gurning really hard in the smoking area. i swear i talked to more than a few ppl who were from hitchin and watford, places like that.

there were a lot of ppl really dancing in a way u don't get at big techno things in london imo, but there wasn't as much shuffling or quite as much madness as the coronet. shuffling's moment has fully gone now tho so not too much of a surprise.

my memory is patchy now but the music seemed fairly similar to the previous ones, heard some classics that i couldn't believe they were still playing, like h to da izzo. liked Pioneer's set and DJ S. Sam Supplier was horribly cringe inducing as per. left before jack n danny sadly, that could have been a highlight

april was ages ago now, but all in all i definitely wouldn't have said it was going back underground then, depends how u define that tho. it might be going back underground just cuz house isn't as popular in london in general now, so it's just the ppl who really caught the bug still going out for it. maybe those ppl were mixed in with the younger crowd at the april one. i would be interested to go to another one or maybe a different deep tech night this year to see what's going on.

i dunno if it was a joke or not but i heard a rumour there was gunna be a house of silk or deep tech boiler room. no sign of it yet but wouldn't that be the scene's funeral.