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Thread: Syria

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    Over the last year or so the kurds have been attacked by Iraq, Syria, Russia, Syrian rebels & ISIS - often simultaneously.

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    inevitable relevant interesting war nerd thread

    Sounds p fucking bad for the Kurds obv. Won't go easy I'm sure they're tough as hell even by hill people standards but ya.

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    Not posted in this thread for a while partly as I'm finding the ongoing situation too horrific and heartbreaking to deal with (i dreamt about it last night) but this is an important article, detailing the social composition of Eastern Ghouta, how sectarianism and Islamist forces has played a role in the area and been countered, and how civil society has functioned under conditions of siege. It's such a welcome relief to read something like this after encountering the 2-d caricaturing that passes for discussion in a lot of the conventional media and Leftist discourse - even though the ending and current situation is deeply tragic.

    Of particular interest to me was this section on elections, as the survival and resilience of civil society in conditions of siege is a side of the story you rarely hear:

    While the council was originally formed by local consensus, given the difficulties of holding elections in a war-zone and the necessity of immediate administration, this gave way to elections which have become more democratic over time. A Supervisory Electoral Commission created by the National Assembly organised council elections in January 2014, electing 25 council members. These first elections were from general assemblies of the local communities, with some 26 local councils across Ghouta operating. The next step was to move on to full popular elections by secret ballot. The first such election took place in Arbin district in January 2016, followed by similar elections in Douma, al-Malihah, al-Abbadeh and Saqba during 2017. (the original link is full of hyperlinks). This makes such a counter to the seemingly endless horrible toxic racist bullshit about how the opposition are all jihadis.

    I find the resilience of these people incredible. The Blitz lasted for about 9 months, 70 years ago, and the English are still slapping ourselves on the back for it.
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