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Thread: Is there anybody who likes jazz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadmanbarty View Post
    I forgot to mentionJackie Mclean in my other post, but his albums Right Now, Jackknife, Demon's dance are all good.
    THIS is the one, sometimes credited to Grachan Moncur III instead of mclean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luka View Post
    good thinking. get your tickets you lot.
    the youtube embeds arent showing up for me any more. i wonder if that is becasue my computer has no memory left. the album i was listening to the other night that just left me utterly flabbergasted was
    Don Cherry & Latif Khan - Music_Sangam
    the rhythms on it are outrageous, actually impossible. highly recommend having a go on that one.
    Frustratingly the Pharoah Sanders gig is on the one weekend of the whole bloody year I'm not in the country. Hopefully he'll do another gig in London at the time.

    That Cherry/Khan album helped to soften the blow. magical. two people i know v little about, need to investigate further

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    Listening to Song for My Father for the first time in yonks thanks to this thread.

    Thanks, thread!

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