I was directed to this page a while ago by some random twitter/blog, when i tried to find it again i couldn’t, to the point that i thought maybe it was just a bad dream, honestly...

It contains the password to my router at home, as well as loads of other sites that are nothing to do with google, that have been sniffed by chrome...

enough is enough

and even if it had been a weird nightmare, that was sufficient mental turbulence to inspire me to start getting my shit off google. Who of course also run my mobile phone.

I also read a blog by a guy who tried to delete google pics, only to find that they were still publishing photos from his phone insecurely online

I already use for searching, tho it's less featured than google, and use incognito browsing when i don't want to be tracked,

I guess i'll need to keep a google account as it's pretty impossible to use android without it,

give me more tips, anecdotes please