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Thread: Name musicians/bands/producers you've never heard and probably never will hear

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    Droid's wrong about early Floyd being crap (though a few songs were twee as hell), but dead right about Dark Side. Even if you can't take it seriously, or find it overblown and pompous, it's still really enjoyable and sounds like nothing else. Avoid the 'Wizard of Oz film comparison' brigade, the actual contents are far weirder and darker than their boring conspiracy theory.

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    In terms of stuff I'll never hear, probably 99.9% of the jazz canon. Can't stand it. Tried Miles Davis, lasted a minute, tried Sun Ra, lasted less.

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    I woudnt say they're crap. Ive enjoyed set the controls and astronomy domine at times, and there's certainly some curios in there, but there's a lot of self indulgence and misfiring.

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